Smartglasses & AR wearables in your calls.

Smartglasses have become commonplace on shop floors, factories, and service calls. Connect headsets from RealWear, Vuzix, Iristick, Rokid, and Magic Leap to anyone on browsers, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet.

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Smartglasses device app features

→ One app to to join calls from any supported device. Connect with any browser, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Skype for Business, Zoom, Cisco Webex, or even traditional videoconferencing systems like Poly and Cisco.

→ Total bandwidth control with call support for HD video calling up to 1080p , or super low bandwidth connections down to 100kbps.

→ Built-in voice control of zoom level, exposure, flashlight, and bandwidth (and there’s more on the way).

→ Simple to use with as little as two voice commands to join a video call.

→ Annotate from the browser to any Smartglasses supported by SimplyVideo. (COMING SOON)

Increase productivity

Increase productivity by connecting remote workers to experts anywhere - all with real-time hands-free collaboration.

Close the knowledge gap

Facilitate faster knowledge transfer and bring people up to speed with hands-on field training provided through remote visual assistance.

Keep your hands free

Keep workers hands-free when handling equipment - a safer way of working in remote locations.

Connect across enterprise video

Easily connect your enterprise video services to assisted and augmented reality devices. Businesses use multiple video tools across an estate, and SimplyVideo works with them in harmony. We’ve created a video collaboration tool that’s easy to use and adheres to strict security compliance.

Iristick EDU

Remote Education

Educate with more than just slides on
a video call. Take education to a
new level with a view of what's
happening around you. Share
knowledge while not being tied
to your seat, and change the way
remote education works.

Remote Expert

Remote Expert

Get expert eyes on site in seconds with remote expert solutions. Wearable
devices can reduce downtime and
save time and money on any services. Users can even call for help when
they need it through simple,
intuitive voice commands.

Vuzix Blade

Remote Med & Pharma

Save time, document information,
and share knowledge with our
easy to use video integration for
wearables. Record media from
the devices and save it in our
cloud storage to access later.

Companion app for iOS & Android

→ Added control for users with our simple to use companion app, available from the Android PlayStore and Apple App Store. 

→ Send call invites out to anyone in seconds with our ‘Share Meeting Details’ functionality.

→ Use your smart device as a second video feed with our ‘Companion Call’ feature. Show a second perspective of the space in which you are working.

→ Join any call you get invited to in seconds with our simple i-Join technology.

Get full-feature access at no cost for 14 days

Connect everything.