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When you get down to brass tacks, SimplyVideo gives you the ability to do more remotely. The more you can do without being there, the less you travel. The less you travel, the more money you save, the more time you save, and the greater the reduction in your carbon footprint. We think that’s all pretty awesome. 

While standard video calls are amazing, the medium is in its infancy and a little limited in its use, currently. By bringing in wearable and XR devices to video calls, you open up different views and can therefore do more. 

Now, we can talk about Assisted Reality until the cows come home. However, we also see the massive benefits of bringing in Augmented and Mixed Reality devices as well. That’s why we’re  reminding everyone that SimplyVideo supports the amazing Magic Leap 1 mixed reality headset.

What is the Magic Leap 1?

Magic Leap 1 is a set of Mixed Reality (MR) smartglasses that superimposes a 3D image on top of whatever you’re looking at in the real world. You can then interact with that image. So, it’s basically the next step on from Augmented Reality, except in AR you can’t interact with the overlaid content. The unit is pretty clever in this regard. It uses spatial awareness sensors to map the surroundings, meaning you can drop digital objects onto physical surfaces. In short, you can drop cartoon beachballs onto real tables until you’re blue in the face.

If you’re still scratching your head, check out the article we wrote about the various XR technologies.

Real-world application of Mixed Reality

We know it all sounds a bit futuristic and gimmicky, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, it’s undeniably cool to see content on top of real-world visuals (Pokémon Go, anyone?), but MR offers so much more that a bit of visual razzle-dazzle.

Schematics, CAD drawings, and design

You can walk into an empty architectural space, pop on your Magic Leap 1 and show everyone on the call how the finished product will look. With 3D dropped on top of what you can see, everyone can gauge an idea of the finished product and offer feedback and advice without leaving their desk. 

Education and Training

Universities have had to invest in equipment that offers a remote audience experience that’s as good as they’d have if they were physically there. Educators and trainers can easily use 3D reference models to compare whatever they’re presenting with a digital representation to an class that’s watching from their dorm room, blearily nursing off a hangover.


A neurosurgeon can carry out an operation while patient vitals are digitally presented through the headset. They could even see a diagram of the brain, or an MRI scan. The possibilities are endless! They could run live simulations on the model before applying them to the patient, or simply use it for reference.

Credit: Mixed Reality Viewer from Brainlab

With colleagues joining the call remotely, it also means they can carry out training can without other staff members needing to be in the room. This functionality could also come in handy should the patient be infectious and you need to minimise the risk of exposure. A worldwide viral pandemic would be a good example of such a situation… 

Getting more out of video calls and remote participation

Of course, there are way more applications for this tech than the three we’ve listed. For instance, people will likely have seen AR in gaming and entertainment (if you’re old enough to remember EyeToy on PlayStation 2, that’s a prime example). Still, as fun as AR and MR can be, the technology offers so much more than mere merriment. It provides another piece of functionality that adds to the ever-increasing landscape of remote participation. 

Remember – the more you can do without being there, the better. It’s as simple as that. You don’t need to spend money on travel or on expenses, you don’t have to wait for experts to arrive, and you can carry out more tasks in a day as a result – all while giving the Earth a big ol’ hug. 

So what’s next?

We understand all too well how easy it is to stick with the same old tried and tired processes. It’s far less hassle to tread water and not risk stepping into uncharted territory. But you may as well be throwing money in the bin. Extended Reality is the future. It’s one we either embrace, or ignore in favour of travelling for days, racking up expenses and ticket costs, and sleeping off jet lag. It’s also not difficult to set up. Here’s our head of product showing how simple it is to connect:

Magic Leap and SimplyVideo make for happier, safer, and more efficient workers. On top of that, the technology is just plain cool. To see for yourself, head over to our pricing page to get hold of a 14-day trial – provided you already have a Magic Leap 1, of course. Or, get in touch with one of the SimplyVideo team and we’ll be happy to discuss any burning questions you may have. 

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