Realwear v2.1 app

Realwear App v2.1 Release

Today we’re launching our Realwear App v2.1 to the public, this includes a few changes we wanted to tell you about and we really wanted to shout about our Mobile Headset App Developer – John who has recently completed six months with SimplyVideo (and you can tell from the picture …

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Getting the most out of meetings with the SimplyVideo Dev Team

Despite our obvious bias, we all think that SimplyVideo is an amazing video communications platform. While it’s the Sales and Marketing team that’s lapping up the positive feedback most of the time, we felt it was about time we introduce you to the boffins behind the platform that actually deserve …

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SimplyVideo and Hippo Technologies Partner to Deliver Virtual Care

We’re pleased to announce that SimplyVideo has recently partnered with Hippo Technologies, Inc. – the provider of virtual care solutions for healthcare and medical education. Combining SimplyVideo’s support for wearable devices (such as smartglasses) with the Hippo Virtual Care (HVC) platform, the joint solution opens up a host of possibilities …

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Keeping your data safe: ISO 27001? Completed it.

We’re a lighthearted bunch at SimplyVideo, but one thing we take with the utmost seriousness is data and information security.  Cyber crime and identity theft are no laughing matter. We live in an age where scams and phishing emails are ten a penny. While it was a doddle to spot …

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