1. Why we use cookies

Simply Video’s websites, products, and services use cookies and similar technologies to help us deliver better user experiences.  A cookie is also a small text file stored by websites and other online applications on your device. This helps a website or app to remember useful information about you.

Cookies help with tasks such as letting you create a Simply Video account, or counting the number of people who visit our websites and seeing which pages users visit most often.

This not only lets us make overall improvements to our websites, products and other services, but makes your own user experience smoother and more efficient.

  1. What we use cookies for

We use cookies for a few different reasons depending on the purpose of a particular web page or online application. Some of the cookies we use for analytics and performance tracking are provided by third-parties.

Cookies can be used to understand and analyze certain aspects of how people are interacting with our websites and other online applications. Some of the things we collect can include:

We use cookies in the following ways:

  1. Storing settings and preferences: saves your user settings in our apps and web pages, for example, your preferred language, or your default camera or microphone settings
  2. Sign-in / authentication: we use encrypted cookies to store your unique user ID so that we can check that’s you and so that you don’t have to sign in on every single page once logged in
  3. Security: We may use cookies to detect fraud or other suspicious activities on our websites, products, and services
  4. Saving information you provide us on a website: We use cookies to store the information you provide, for example remembering which products or services you have added to a new order
  5. Digital advertising: we use cookies to better understand our audiences’ different online interests and activities and provide more relevant information and content in our online advertising
  6. Insight and analytics: we use cookies to collect relevant performance data on how people interact with our websites, and better understand how people use our products and services so we can continue to deliver and improve our products and business operations
  7. Cookies used on Simply Video websites

We use cookies to help deliver a better experience for users on our public websites, for example, by offering more relevant content to returning visitors, or users on mobile devices:

  1. Cookies used by Simply Video products and services

By creating and activating a Simply Video account, you’re agreeing to our use of cookies (as described in this cookie policy) and to our terms of service.

Simply Video and our affiliated partners use cookies and similar technologies to remember personal information about you when you log in and use our online services and applications. Our goal is to make your experience with Simply Video more convenient and personal:

Whilst Simply Video may use information collected by cookies and similar web technologies on our marketing and advertising services, we will never sell the information collected by cookies or similar technology to third parties.

  1. Setting your cookie preferences for your web browser

It’s possible to disable cookies for all websites via your web browser’s settings. Most browsers accept cookie tracking by default, so if you would like to disable cookie tracking you should check your settings to ensure they’re disabled if required. Your browser should also allow you to delete existing cookies already saved on your device.

Please be aware that you may not be able to access certain features and functionality available for Simply Video products and services if you disable cookie tracking, since they rely on cookies to work. If you choose to delete or disable cookies, you may need to re-enter any previously saved preferences and settings: