Assisted Reality Supported Devices

We support a great range of Assisted Reality (aR) devices from the leading manufacturers in the industry.

What is Assisted Reality?

With Assisted Reality (aR), you maintain full awareness of the real world. The Extended Reality (XR) comes into play via a display that either sits within the lens of your device or on a boom arm just below your view.

A sat-nav system is an example of Assisted Reality. It sits just out of your eye line and assists you in telling you where to go.

Why SimplyVideo and Assisted Reality?

Assisted Reality’s application for business is by far the most wide-reaching as it’s a simple concept and ultimately connects the most remote of workers.

The reason that aR is so popular is that it’s such a safe solution. Working at height or in hazardous environments means that it’s always best to have both hands free and that you can see everything that is around you. With an Assisted Reality device, you can have both hands on your ladder or railings, and be able to react to any dangerous situations that may arise.

Using SimplyVideo, an Assisted Reality wearable device allows you to see what your remote worker can see through a video call. This is perfect for remote expert support and live training across the team.

Realwear HMT-1

The RealWear HMT-1 (Head Mounted Tablet) can be used in dangerous, wet, hot, dusty and loud environments and not lose video or audio quality.

It can be attached to safety helmets and can also be used with safety glasses or any corrective eyewear, giving you great freedom of who can use the device.

It’s high-resolution micro display fits just below the user’s line of sight and views like a 7″ tablet, acting as an industrial dashboard.

The RealWear HMT-1 offers a hands-free, voice-controlled solution for frontline workers, taking away the need for scrolling, tapping and swiping. This makes the HMT-1 the ideal solution for remote expert calls, training, and guided workflows.

Realwear HMT-1Z1

The RealWear HMT-1Z1 is the world’s first intrinsically safe head-mounted wearable device that meets ATEX and IECEx Zone 1 certifications. This means that it presents no ignition risk in potentially explosive atmospheres that may exist in normal routine operations.

It’s similar to the HMT-1 in terms of functionality and is therefore ideal for use in oil and gas operations such as chemical plants, industrial gas supply, electric car battery servicing, and so much more.

Additionally, it can be used in wet, hot, dusty, loud, and dangerous industrial environments and can be attached to bump caps and safety helmets as well as being friendly to safety glasses and corrective eyewear.

Utilising a similar design and feature set to the HMT-1, it’s perfect for remote expert video calling, guided workflows, document navigation, and recording videos – all through a hands-free, voice controlled solution; giving you a safer and more productive workforce.

Realwear Navigator 500

The RealWear Navigator 500 is the next generation Assisted Reality (aR) solution that has been designed to engage, empower and elevate your frontline workers.

With its revolutionary modular design, it enables on-the-jab agility and supports even more use cases across various industries.

It features a 48mp camera that produces brilliant low-light performance, enhanced zoom that doesn’t sacrifice image quality and advanced video stabilisation. The camera can be easily removed and swapped out for other accessories, if you need to adapt to your working environment.

Using the RealWear Navigator 500 allows workers to connect and collaborate with remote experts, while keeping their hands free, which means reduced downtime, better productivity across the workforce, and better health & safety procedures.

Like it’s predecessors, the Navigator 500 can be used in hot, cold, dusty, wet and dangerous industrial environments and reduces background noise so remote collaboration remains easy.

Vuzix M4000

The Vuzix M4000 gives your workforce the power they need to tackle longer jobs by offering the only solution that allows you to switch out your battery without powering down your headset.

It features an ultrabright see-through waveguide with an expansive 28 degree field of view, as well as a powerful 2 – 12 hour run time (based on choice of battery).

The M4000 also has flexible mounting options, making it compatible with almost any hat, safety helmet, glasses or, face shield across the industry.

These smartglasses are built using the latest state-of-the-art technology and are part of the Vuzix M-Series longevity solutions.

Vuzix M400

The Vuzix M400 provides all-day versatility and comfort across many industries and it’s been ruggedised and drop tested from a height of 2 metres, making it a real ‘work horse’ in the Assisted Reality market.

It’s powered by industry leading 8-core Augmented Reality processor, while running the latest version of Android OS.

It comes with a wide range of compatible accessories to allow users to wear it comfortably in almost any environment.

The Vuzix M400 is a part of the Vuzix M-Series longevity solution and built using the latest state-of-the-art technology.

Iristick H1

The Iristick H1 is a high-end, IP67-certified, head-mounted smartglasses device that features a dual camera, powerful optical zoom lens, and an adjustable 3-axis display.

It’s perfect for hands-free communication and real-time sharing of information, and is controlled using simple voice commands.

The headset can be connected to a pocket unit that allows maximum processing power and full shift battery capacity, while the headset itself is customisable and reversible for the best fit comfort.

Iristick G1

The Iristick G1 are certified smartglasses that are equipped with a central camera, powerful optical zoom and a basic barcode scanner.

They’re great for hands-free communication and information sharing through your business and they’ve been designed to look and feel like just a regular pair of glasses.

The Iristick G1 also comes with a 3-axis adjustable pivot display, optical lens zoom for added focus, and touch pad for a truly hands-free solution.

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