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SimplyVideo for IOS & Android not only allows you to join any video call from your phone, it also boasts some amazing features as well.

Be in total control of your video communications

The SimplyVideo App for IOS & Android isn’t just a means to join a standard video call, it all so boasts a bunch of other amazing features as well.

It’s the easiest way to join a call from a pair of smartglasses or Extended Reality (XR) device.

All you have to do is enter the meeting ID and scan the QR code that is generated on your smartphone.

Companion Cam Feature

Our Companion Call feature is an incredibly useful feature on the SimplyVideo App, giving you another view during your call.

Using your smart device’s built-in hardware, you can set it up on a tripod and provide an establishing shot for whoever is on the call. This provides context and lets everyone know exactly what it is that you’re looking at, and where you are throughout the call.

Companion Cam can also use the feature to show an alternative angle that my be out of the line of sight, or to reach into an area that your head can’t.

You can even use it for training to track movements of front-line workers for training and education purposes.

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Enjoy even more control with the SimplyVideo app

Gain additional functionality when you need it with our iOS and Android apps. Manage your video rooms, join calls from the app or wearable devices, share meeting invites, and connect with your team on the move – all from the power of our app.

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