How to Run Larger Video Calls with More Participants

We all know how important it is to “share the vision” with our team, and stay connected with consistent communication. Number of participants must be a major consideration when holding video calls.

Video is fast becoming the ideal method to unite dispersed teams and touch base with them, with all the benefits of being face to face.

When a group of people are on a video call it’s important not to waste that time. Chairing a larger video meeting may prove daunting, so we have prepared some tips to help you make the most of every call.

Establish some ground rules

If you are responsible for a large team, establishing ground rules usually starts with ensuring that your home worker policy is up to date. This should be circulated as part of your employment contract.

Some standard company video meeting guidelines could include:
Starting on time, wearing normal workplace attire, mute yourself when not speaking etc. 

Invest in a High-Quality Video Call Software License

When holding larger video calls, using free video call software quickly becomes self-limiting. Free video conference software usually means very limited. This could be low call quality, no company branding, lack of premium collaboration features and a limited number of attendees. 

Investing in a reliable video platform is essential to create a productive video meeting experience.

Double Check your Meeting Room’s Capacity

Check how many meeting attendees your video call software allows you to have. I was once on a video call in which the host had to stop the meeting to upgrade his video software license so that everyone could join. Remember this, before you invite 73 people.

Take into Account Time Zones 

If you have attendees in other parts of the world, be mindful of what time it is where they are. 

Set Your Agenda

Start your video call by stating your meeting objectives, how long it will last and how long you will spend on each item. If some agenda items are dragging, offer a time check and suggest moving onto the next item to keep good pace. Circulating your agenda before your meeting helps participants to prepare. 

Anticipate and Manage Interruptions

With lots to get through and limited time, you may ask your participants to hold questions until the end. Other ways could be a “raise your hand” system or using the team chat to ask a question during your meeting.

Remain Mindful of Having a Large Number of Attendees

  • Invite the lowest number of people possible. Personal rapport dwindles when all you can see is 36 tiny faces on a screen
  • In large groups, remember to address people by their names
  • If you have attendees in your physical office be mindful not to exclude virtual participants in the same meeting.

Planning to hold an online meeting? Check this article for guidelines on how to Empower Your Business with Video Conferencing Solution.

Stay Relevant, Concise and Focused

Get straight to the point – With home workers at increased risk of feeling isolated during this time, building rapport is essential. Excessive small talk, however, can be really frustrating, hijacking meeting timings. People quickly tune out of irrelevant video calls, losing engagement and multi-tasking. To avoid this, keep your meeting content super condensed. Staying focused and productive helps everyone. 

Make it easy to join

Remote workers may need to join a variety of devices and likely won’t have the same software on their device at hand.

SimplyVideo allows anyone to join a meeting from any device without downloading software. This helps to guarantee everyone is able to attend, no matter where they are, or what device they have on hand.
We run on Web RTC technology, SimplyVideo software allows your employees to join from a browser using a 1 click link.

This feature removes the complexity from video call software, enabling users to jump straight on a call.

Screen Sharing Boosts Engagement

Real time screen sharing is a natural way to improve your attendee engagement and enhances your video conference experience.

Use your agenda to plan the points in your meeting when you will collaborate and discuss information on screen.

Remember to turn off screen sharing when you’ve finished with your document. 

Extra Security Considerations During Larger Video Meetings

  • Joining Information – Be careful how you share video joining information. – For example avoid plastering information on social media as it could allow anyone to join if you haven’t set a password.
  • Lock Your Video Room – Shortly after starting your call, (for example 10 minutes or so,) consider locking your video call
  • Screen Sharing – Before you start each video call, clear your desktop of anything private, that you would not want anyone to see. Be aware that anything that is on your screen, even for a split second can be screenshot from a video recording. Consider turning off your pop-up notifications, such as calendar, e-mail and live chat, that could contain sensitive information.

Record and Share Video Calls

With higher team numbers, many people will not be able to attend a particular time slot. Remember to record your calls and circulate to people who could not attend. 

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