It’s all about you. Custom branded video conferencing with SimplyVideo.

As you’ve likely discovered, having a video calling infrastructure in place for your business is pretty amazing. Obviously, we’re all for it but we don’t want to tread water with this incredible communications medium and make do with garden variety video calls. This is why our focus is on offering more than just the regular features that you can get everywhere else. 

Obviously, the ability to add in XR devices is a massive part of what we do, but we’ve also focused on some other cool bits and bobs that makes SimplyVideo stand out as the ideal video communications tool for you. Case in point – custom branding. 

We understand the importance of creating a great impression for your customers – it’s why we use such charismatic blog writers. While we could succumb to narcissism and plaster our logo on every piece of software we put out there, that doesn’t exactly help you tell your company’s story. Instead, what you need is the means to present your video system as your own. With that in mind, we include customisation options as standard with the SimplyVideo platform. 

Want to theme the platform in your brand colours? No problem. Need to feature your logo? You can do that. Want a big hero image to dazzle anyone that clicks the link on your invite? Knock yourself out. 

Accessing this trove of customisation, isn’t complicated. From your dashboard, you can access the following options, expertly demonstrated by Jordan, our Marketing Manager:

Personal Branding

Jordan’s personalised homage to the SimplyVideo logo can be seen in the top left.

This allows you to change your logo and state what it is you want to call your meetings. For example, your welcome message could say “Welcome to David’s meeting” or “Welcome to David’s video catch-up”. You could even call it a ‘shindig’ if you were feeling really brave.

Custom branded video conferencing
In this example, Jordan changed the type of video call from ‘Meeting’ to ‘awesome video catch-up’.

You can access these options under Branding on the dashboard menu. 

Business Branding

Accessed under the Admin section, Business Branding is for when you want your team’s branding to be uniform. Here you can create a completely bespoke welcome message, set the colours to your corporate hues, add in your logo, and include a hero image. You can even add in a favicon so that your brand is included on your browser tab.

Within this menu, you can also override all personal branding options that we mentioned earlier.

In the Business Branding section under Admin, you can find the settings outlined above.

Once that’s all filled in, you’ll have something that looks a little like this. Obviously this is for demonstration purposes. We don’t recommend you plaster our team members over your company’s branding…unless you really, really want to.

The fully-customised SImplyVideo platform.

So if you already use the platform, go and try out this cool feature. If you don’t use the platform but you like the sound of having your video system themed to your corporate branding, try it for free for 14 days.

While you’re at it, give the other features a spin and let us know what you think. 

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