How Microsoft Cloud Video Interop (CVI) Turns MS Teams into A Supercharged Communications Tool

Microsoft Teams‘ Cloud Video Interop (CVI) adoption rates have rapidly grown. Video adoption also radically increasing since the work at home directive.

Businesses have woken up to the fact that they can save time, money, and the environment by using video. For most business owners, using team collaboration tools that nestle natively within your business’ existing Office 365 functionality is a no brainer.

The powerful combination of a video-enabled team collaborating with MS Teams puts productivity on speed and busts apart geographical limitations.  

Why Are Techies Unaware of What Microsoft’s Interoperability Can Do 

IT Managers are making Teams an integral part of business processes and fully integrating Teams into the Unified Communications service stack.

Some are hitting a brick wall, reaching the limits of their technical ability because they are completely unaware of the MS Teams’ interoperability options that exist within the market right now.  

Many technical people are unaware of the interoperability options because: 

  • Microsoft Teams is itself a fairly new platform and most technical people are not Microsoft Teams specialists.
  • Microsoft interoperability technologies are not yet widely promoted. 
  • There are only 3 providers able to provide this interoperability and only one is UK based. 

Techies are quick to learn and upskill themselves. As quickly as you give them a challenge, they will teach themselves how to innovate new technical solutions. Provide a robust and efficient infrastructure.  

So, what are the MS Teams Current Communications Limitations?  

Businesses want to make MS Teams video calls using their current video conferencing systems.  

Many businesses have invested tens of thousands and significant time and effort into setting up professional video-enabled meeting spaces.

To add to the complexity, many businesses have video meeting hardware from more than one vendor. They want to be able to leverage these video spaces to extend the reach of their Microsoft Teams environment.  

Microsoft Teams Cloud Video Interop enables Microsoft Teams to run natively on any legacy SIP or H323 video conferencing device, including Cisco, Poly, and many other vendors.  

Microsoft Cloud Video Interop enables business owners to gain maximum return on investment for their existing meeting hardware as well as standardizing their video estate. Simplifying the call joining process saves time. Therefore, it ensures that calls start on time every time, with no time-wasting technical issues during the call. 

Companies Want to Use MS Teams to Video Call to People on Other Video Platforms  

Sales and project management roles often need to communicate with external parties to manage projects and drive new relationships. This means holding video calls with people who use other video platforms, like Skype for Business, Google HangoutsWebex Teams, ZoomBluejeans, and more. Microsoft CVI enables users on different platforms to connect with no limitations. Face to face, frictionless interaction keeps external projects closely aligned to build rapport and significantly boost your productivity. 

Companies Want to Use MS Teams to Make Branded Video Calls to People Outside their Organisation 

Business communications are following the lead of consumers, which now use video first. Business owners are realizing that face to face contact between customers and their sales team builds rapport and drives added value from client relationships. 

Marketers are wondering why they have neglected to brand their customer’s channel bought from them? Screen sharing and video-enabled conversations also make technical support conversations much easier and more efficient.

Microsoft CVI enables sales teams to hold these branded conversations directly within MS Teams, through a simple one-click link. The external party just clicks a link to connect to a company-branded Teams Meeting.  

Companies Want to Use Microsoft Teams as their Phone System  

Many companies still run their voice communications on overly complex and disparate cloud phone systems. Many business owners would like to standardize their phone architecture. Enable voice calls to be accepted and made directly from their Microsoft Teams environment.  

Microsoft’s Direct Call Routing, (DCR) turns the Microsoft Teams environment into a cloud-based phone system. Allowing you to call anyone, anywhere in the world directly using Teams.  All existing telephone numbers are ported and retained with minimal disruption. 

SimplyVideo team is Microsoft experts with over 15 years of experience in providing unified communications solutions. With 1000s of installations and over 250 5 star customer ratings. Our Cloud Video Interop technology breaks down limitations and powers up your Microsoft Teams environment. We believe in simplicity. Your team should be able to jump on a video call from any device, directly from Microsoft Teams. Talk to our team now to access our Microsoft Teams communications and interoperability expertise. 

Here are the 7 Key Reasons to Try a New Online Video Call and Conferencing Tool – SimplyVideo vs. Zoom that demonstrates the benefits of SimplyVideo’s solution.

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