7 Key Reasons to Try a New Online Video Call and Conferencing Tool – SimplyVideo vs. Zoom

Before diving into 7 Key Reasons to Try a New Online Video Call and Conferencing Tool – SimplyVideo vs. Zoom, let’s take a look at where we are coming from – the revolution online video call solutions.

Keeping it real here, Zoom’s CEO Eric Yuan has done a fantastic job for the whole world.

He first developed video in WebEx, which he sold to Cisco, which is now Cisco WebEx, a powerful enterprise video platform.

He then went on to create Zoom, which has made online video meetings easily accessible to everyone. His company is now worth 17bn in just over 8 years.

So, in the middle of this COVID-19 lockdown, we find ourselves, a team of British techies entering the video market. As we launch our service to try and obtain a slice of the market…

It could look like a David vs. Goliath task. Our colleagues ask us, “Are you mad?”, “Hasn’t the video market been sewn up already?” 

Our response to this is a resounding “NO!!” Video calling is only just getting going! This is especially true for the SME sector.  

Here’s some facts about online video meeting usage:

  • Online video meetings and Zoom are being used on PCs and mobiles like Skype before it. However, video meetings haven’t yet fully penetrated the meeting room space, where only 5% of meeting space is video enabled 
  • Video companies haven’t yet managed to become an integral part of everyday business processes for companies large and small (which they will).
  • Video software hasn’t yet managed to capture the ease of “interoperability” (allowing video software from any platform to connect video calls with any other). For example, if you had Simplyvideo and wanted to connect with one participant who had Skype and another participant who had Zoom, you can totally do that with us.

No Video Software Needed 

Like SkypeZoom needs all participants to download their software before a video call can begin.

Have you ever needed to quickly start a video call, and you don’t want either yourself or the other participants to go through the process of software signup and installation?

Sending a Simplyvideo in-browser call link is a great alternative. The in-browser call also works across browsers on all devices in seconds.

Click and go – No technical skills needed! 

This simplicity of use and the fact that our software works with other video companies is what makes it easy enough for anyone to use. Regardless of whether you are working from home with no tech support, a schoolteacher, or a company owner, enabling his business to keep moving.  

7 Key Reasons to Try a New Online Video Call and Conferencing Tool – SimplyVideo vs. Zoom

1. No software downloads needed – See above 

2. Branded virtual meeting space – Meet clients with your own branded meeting room 

3. We work where you already work – Our video software integrates with Office 365Google, TeamsCalendly and many others 

4. You receive your own, simple meeting ID – This one link is all you need to meet with anyone, instantly. It is simple enough to remember anywhere – no passwords, no codes, PIN numbers, just click one small, memorable link, and go! 

5. Low cost conference room setup – When you’re ready to create a professional video environment in your office or home office, we offer self-assembly video room solutions at low monthly price points 

6. Video options can be embedded into your business website – Video calling can be embedded into your business processes with a range of software solutions for different industry sectors 

7. We are based in Britain and we offer 24/7 tech support – You can speak to us directly without being passed around to a call centre 

Register an account now for free and give us a try…. 

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