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Ever wondered who’s getting the best out of video, who’s having connection issues or how many calls your team are connecting to every week? 

Now you can with our easy to use Ops dashboard that provides live and historic data on every call.

Deep dive into advanced data

Keep an eye on live call data with details in realtime of active conferences, total participants and more.

Then get a deep dive into your usage data with advanced views that tell you how users connect, what devices they connect with, and even how many meetings each user has had.

Helping you learn, manage and control your video Estate.

Who's connecting on what devices

Need to understand the value of the devices you deploy to your team? Learn who’s connected with what device, Check which browser or operating system people are using, and how many video devices like Cisco or Poly have joined calls.

You can even check how many smart-glasses like Realwear, Vuzix or Magic Leap have joined too.

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