Case Study:
Ørsted Hornsea 2

How SimplyVideo worked with energy giants Ørsted to revolutionise their ROC drills for Hornsea 2 using Assisted Reality.

About Ørsted

Industry: Energy & Utilities

Use case: Rehearsal of Concept – Training

Company Size: Enterprise

Hardware: RealWear HMT-1

Software: SimplyVideo Platform

Ørsted develops, constructs, and operates offshore and onshore wind farms, solar farms, bioenergy plants, and energy storage facilities. They rank as one of the world's most sustainable energy companies and are a global leader on climate action. Ørsted employs over 6,500 people who collaborate with partners to revolutionise the way they power people through innovative energy solutions.

''It is a very innovative way to have a virtual ROC drill, with cutting edge technology and, in actual fact, nothing of this scale has been done with this technology before in the world.''
Patrick Harnett Senior Programme Director HOW0

Using Rehearsal of Concept (ROC) to visualise the project execution and remove any risks involved

Ørsted is ranked as the most sustainable energy company in the world.  They develop, construct, and operate offshore and onshore wind farms, solar farms, energy storage facilities, and bioenergy plants.

For complex commercial projects, Ørsted carries out a Rehearsal of Concept (ROC) drill. This is a practical method to visualise and rehearse the project’s execution while also removing the risk involved.

Ørsted visualises, rehearses, and stress-tests plans before execution. Traditionally, they would carry this out on physical models and mockups. From this drill, a participant will get a clear view of the critical phases of the plan, a common understanding of the project, and a list of exact recommendations for improvements.

The Hornsea Projects are four record-breaking offshore wind farms that Ørsted are operating, constructing, and developing off the East Coast in the North Sea. Hornsea Two (which was the subject of this ROC drill) will overtake Hornsea One as the world’s biggest offshore wind farm, powering well over 1.3 million UK homes.

Bringing stakeholders together, when travel isn't possible

The planning phase of a project like Hornsea Two is absolutely critical. It ensures that construction and commissioning are completed both quickly and efficiently. This is not only to meet condensed programme schedules but to also ensure safety in an offshore environment.

At Ørsted, they routinely carry out ROC drills to plan large scale construction and commissioning projects offshore.  These usually involve upwards of 100 participants meeting together to review detailed diagrams spread out across the floor. They then move physical models around as the team explores the programme and brings the planning processes together.

Traditionally, that means a lot of stakeholders travelling to a single location. This wasn’t possible during the pandemic’s travel restrictions and social distancing rules. Ørsted tasked SimplyVideo with helping employees continue working while following pandemic guidelines. This meant that the exact same thing had to happen, but this time virtually

A combined solution from SimplyVideo and RealWear offering a first person view of the room

SimplyVideo and RealWear deployed a solution to allow Ørsted to take a first-person view of those who were physically in the room and present it to their team members virtually.

The solution was extremely simple to get working and Ørsted were incredibly happy with the results. It allowed 150 people to participate in the drill, connecting from Singapore, across Europe, and throughout the UK.

The process also created carbon and cost efficiencies by reducing travel and kept vulnerable employees engaged in the process by enabling them to participate from home.

“The ROC drill was like no other, it was absolutely phenomenal and the engagement both virtually and in the room was incredible.

“The amount that people learnt, the way in which we managed to capture that information and very very swiftly turn around queries and questions has been second to none. It has been a beyond marvellous experience.”

Patrick Harnett – Senior Programme Director HOW02

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