SimplyVideo partnered with Pexip

We are proud to have partnered together with Pexip to provide an entirely customisable SimplyVideo platform for their customers.

Pexip is an industry-renowned platform for video communications. We are proud to have partnered together to provide an entirely customisable SimplyVideo platform for Pexip customers. 

This means that Pexip customers can effectively have their own white-label version of SimplyVideo to roll out across their enterprise.

Pexip customers therefore don’t just have to make do with SimplyVideo’s existing branding options (amazing as they are), they can provide their own bespoke version of the platform as if it were their own, hosted entirely on-premises.

If you’re a Pexip customer, get in touch to discover further benefits of a white-label XR video calling solution.

If you’re not an existing customer and this sounds like something you’d benefit from, let us know. We can work with Pexip to provide a plan that will deliver everything you need for an incredible, all encompassing video communications solution of your very own. 

With Pexip, SimplyVideo can be deployed and managed on-premises, thereby ensuring security protocols are handled in house, for your own peace of mind.

This is the only way to bring a host of XR functionality on-premises including digital twins and spatial computing. 

With Pexip and SimplyVideo, self-hosted Extended Reality (XR) meeting solutions have made on-premises collaboration easier and more secure than ever before.

Many organisations in industries with compliance requirements such as Engineering, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical and Government require secure connections to carry out remote collaboration.

Why deploy SimplyVideo and Pexip on-premises?

Low Bandwidth Collaboration

Experience stable connections to even the most remote locations.

Smooth Joining Process

QR-code joining process enables smooth wearable call integration.


Enable 3D annotation inside video collaboration sessions.

Multi-Device Joining Options

Connect remotely via smartphones, AR wearables, tablets, and laptops.

Customisable Branding

Enhance brand identity through a customisable virtual experience.

API Rich Integrations

Integrate our software into your existing workflows and applications.

Private Connectivity

Deploy in the cloud of your choice or host the solution on-premises.

Secure Collaboration

We are ISO 27001:2013 certified and GDPR compliant.

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self-hosted SimplyVideo and Pexip?

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