Why the Poly X Series Video Device is a Total Game-Changer

Gen Z is fuelling rapid change in the workplace. Things happen faster, nimbler, and NOW. Older technologies like e-mail and traditional phones are giving way to quicker ways of doing business.

Gen Z doesn’t send an email and wait for 3 hours for a responseThey send an IM on a collaborative software platform
Gen Z don’t tend to pick up the phoneThey dive into a video call
Gen Z doesn’t call a customer service hotlineThey are happy to chat with an online chatbot
Gen Z doesn’t wait for the weekly team meeting to drive their actionsThey use Microsoft Teams to drive their actions in real-time

Big companies like Samsung provide 1 click customer video calls directly from their website. This is browser-based and pops up instantly. As smaller companies follow suit, we see the move towards video happening much more rapidly.

People now tend to rapidly dip in and out of video calls. This behavior is fuelling demand for huddle rooms. They’re predicted to grow to represent 77% of conference rooms. by 2023. Source: Frost and Sullivan

Savvy business owners are aware and ahead of these trends. The Covid19 pandemic forced many business owners to hurriedly equip their teams to work from home. Video was a major enabler for this strategy.  Business owners have seen how quickly and easily their teams have adopted video. It has sped things up and driven them to the next level.  Directors now also want to enable their office spaces with video. When considering their video room estate, the most critical decision they will face is which video devices to install. This dictates the cost, complexity and ultimately how much people will actually use video rooms.

Why Video Adoption Rates are Important

A technology’s adoption rate means how much people will actually use it as part of their working day. Video adoption rates are important because no-one wants to invest significant time and effort in a video strategy to find that users won’t use it because it is hard. Business owners invest in video for the business benefits – (work faster, more collaboratively and reduce costs) They can’t realise these benefits if users don’t actually use video. A swanky video enabled boardroom that gathers dust and accrues support contract fees cannot deliver an ROI.

With years of experience delivering video rooms all over the world, our expert audio-visual team recommend the Poly Studio X video devices.

What is Poly X Series Devices?

The Poly Studio X is an all-in-one video device that includes the video camera, speaker, microphone and touch panel video call controller.

What size room does the Poly Studio X cover?

Poly Studio X30 – Perfect huddle room video device for 2-3 people (maximum is 6)

Poly Studio X50 – Perfect for medium-sized video conferences – (up to 10 people)

Poly G7500 – X series for really big spaces (auditoriums, lecture theatres, split spaces, open plan spaces, etc).

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Why do we recommend the Poly X Series video devices? 

No PC or Mac is needed to drive your video call

The Poly Studio X Series is a purpose-built all in one video device. The device has its own internal operating system, which is controlled by a simple touch panel interface. It does not require an external PC, keyboard, laptop, mouse, etc to drive your video call.

Why is this advantageous?

  • Sufficient Processing Power – Video calls place heavy demands on PC processing power.  Many PCs don’t have enough internal processing power to drive a video call. This can lead to a “hanging” or dropped calls. Their graphics cards can also struggle with 4k HD (HD) calls
  • Meet Now! – The popularity of huddle rooms is driven by the need to meet quickly to drive business actions forward in real-time. Having to uncouple your laptop, mouse and power and set it all up again defeats the object of this. Plugging in devices to set up video calls is hard and slow. This results in a terrible video call experience and tumbling adoption rates.
  • To meet in a Poly X30 huddle room:
    • Stand up and walk to your huddle room
    • Touch the screen to start a video call
    • Use your own collaborative video software
  • No Need for a PC– Most video rooms are currently enabled with a “NUC PC”. This is a useless computer that simply sits in the conference room to run video calls on. These PCs still need to be factored into the cost of installing a video room. Using an older PC is ill-advised because they have insufficient processing power to handle video calls and struggle to manage software patches and updates. Waiting 2 months for an old computer to boot up and do a year’s software updates completely negates the purpose of a huddle room.
  • No confusing setup period – Walking into a conference room and being faced with the task of figuring out how to connect to the conference system is daunting. We’ve all experienced a conference call that has started late because someone didn’t have the right adapter or was crawling around under a desk hunting for a cable.
  • No tangled wires – Being an all in one device, the Studio X series avoids the complexity and tangle of trailing cables that you get when you cobble a bunch of peripherals together.

The devices are standards-based (SIP and H.323)

Poly’s video devices are designed to work seamlessly with modern collaboration applications and premium video platforms. They use standards-based technology (SIP and H.323). This technology is also used by all the major video software providers to allow video calls to be held on fellow standards-based video hardware using a video “codec” within the device.

This means that the Poly X series run MS Teams, Zoom and Zoom Rooms, Blue Jeans, Pexip, Webex Teams, and Google Hangouts natively. “Natively” means that it runs as part of the hardware – It is literally built to run this software. With one touch, you access your own video software and launch your call. There is no clunky interface, APIs, codes, etc. They work smoothly and easily, adding to simple user experience. This avoids technical issues and delayed meeting launches.

It is also worth noting that USB based video devices like Logitech and several others are not standards-based. This means that you are back to the old fashioned PC  scenario described above. This adds to the cost and complexity.

Ground-Breaking Technology

All-in-one device – The device encompasses all the normal USB based devices – (Microphone, camera, PC, etc.) Anyone with experience in the AV world knows what a game-changer this is. This and other features ensure that the Poly X Series video device is set to become the market leader. They continue on a steady path of innovation, investment, and development.

Noise suppression – This capability has been completely reinvented. Powerful AI algorithms have been trained to “grab speech” out of the room, eliminating all other background noise. The days of hearing that annoying pen click, paper rustle and desktop fan are gone.

Targeted noise capture – You can set the area you want to capture sound. For example, if you are working in a room without a door, or building work is going on, you can eliminate that area.

Logical auto framing – Major research investments have been made into next-gen automatic framing, which zooms in on the active speaker. This means that the camera will focus on the whole group, unless some-one starts talking, then it will focus on that person. Video cameras with this functionality usually have a very jerky movement that pans quickly from one person to another. This is called a “hard cut”. Whereas, the Poly Studio Series has a super smooth transition, giving you professional cameraman quality within your video call. If two people sit close together, the camera will automatically “cutaway” from one person to the other. (just like an experienced cameraman would) using its own machine learning to deliver an outstanding video experience.

Field of vision – 120-degree field of view, which pivots in any direction and includes everyone in your huddle room or board room.

Disruptive technology – 67 patents were filed in the making of the Poly X30 and X50. (Its  the Tesla of the AV world) There is a reason why the audio-visual world so hotly anticipated this ground-breaking invention.

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Enterprise-grade video experience

High quality – With crystal clear stereo audio, 4k visual and auto framing, the Poly Studio X devices deliver an enterprise-grade video experience.

Laptop video calls are poor – We’ve all experienced a low-grade video call, spent looking at a grainy image, the top of someone’s head or worse still, up to their nostrils. The Poly X Series gives you a professional video environment for not much more than the cost of buying all the peripherals. By relying on your user’s laptops to run video calls, you are limited by several parameters that are outside of your control. By using a video dedicated, enterprise-grade operating system and software, you control your call quality.

Superior quality presentations – The hardware enables you to run 2 screens. Dual screen video calls enable you to talk face to face with your audience on one screen, while simultaneously presenting from the other screen.

Enterprise capabilities – Many larger companies choose Zoom or Cisco WebEx for their video software. The Poly Series X runs these programs effortlessly.

The simplicity

Simple connectivity – Your device has a network connection a power connection, and an HDMI connection. That’s it! The simplicity, ease of use, and lack of complexity make your video call experience smooth and professional. Using your own video software avoids technical issues and downtime.

Touch panel – Your video call is controlled from a simple touch panel, which is mounted on the table. The operating system, device software, and user experience are intuitive.    

The versatility

Packed with features – Fully networked, with its own powerful operating system, you can do all the things you normally would in a video call. Call recording, screen sharing, etc.

Wireless sharing – Airplay and Mirror cast are built into the X series. No need to invest in another wireless sharing device. 

Interoperability – The X series can “boot up” into Zoom, MS Teams, 8×8, and GoTo Meeting mode.  Your meeting is conducted in your video platform of choice. 

The Looks

Older video conferencing devices are generally big and ugly.  The X series has an eye-pleasing, sleek design that looks really professional. The modern design fits in with any color scheme and the décor style of trendy new huddle rooms.

The price

Looking at the cost of a Poly X Series you may think that the cost is outside your budget. This is because you don’t realize that the device does everything. All video device peripherals are included in the cost.

The cost of lower-end video peripherals has recently doubled due to the rapid increase of people working from home and using video. For example, previous to the work from home directive, you could source the Brio Logitech for £80-£100 the same device is now circa £250.

If you price up the cost of cobbling together a lower spec Logitech type or USB based video system:

  • Your kit will not possess the same powerful capabilities and future compatible technology
  • Your call quality will be lower
  • Drag your laptop to every video call or purchase or set up a PC
  • Will be stuck having to plug in and unplug numerous devices to setup each video call
  • Create an unsightly tangle of wires and trip hazards
  • May not be able to use your favorite video software or purchase interoperability licenses on top of your video software
  • You will have to ensure that every peripheral you purchase works with every other bit of kit (interoperability). Investing in video hardware that needs your IT guy to rock up to each meeting and scratch his head will cripple your video meeting strategy

When you consider all of these factors, your true price differential is negligible. Not to mention that you can purchase the Poly X Series devices from us with a low monthly payment plan. This enables you to affordably upgrade your video infrastructure.

Video device doesn’t have to be expensive and complex

Many business owners have already historically invested in the Cisco video kit have now decided to rip it out and replace it with cheaper, more powerful, modern tech. Old video kit typically entails layers of cost for hardware maintenance, device support, and software licensing. When they actually compare the powerful capabilities, versatility, and lower costs of the Poly X Series, they rethink their video strategy. They also take the opportunity to standardize and simplify their video estate.

The Poly Series X devices offer a boardroom quality video experience in a huddle room-sized box and price tag.

Series X Roadmap – What’s next?

Very soon, you will be able to simply select your video platform of choice and use that platform for your UX.  Currently, you have to “boot up” the device in that mode. 

What is our Simply Rooms offering?

The Simplicity of the Poly X Series enabled us to build our affordable Simply Rooms offering. It’s a unique approach to the growing demand for MS Teams and Zoom compatible video rooms and huddle rooms. Our low cost, self-assembly video rooms offer an affordable way to rapidly roll out huddle rooms and full-sized conference rooms. These fully Microsoft Teams and Zoom native “All in One Video Rooms” are deployed in just 120 minutes. Being priced at an affordable monthly price point, the packages are commercially disruptive.

All furniture, video devices, interoperability, licenses, and 24/7 support is included. No drilling, plastering, or meeting room preparation is required. These packages have been custom-built to overcome the barriers to video room ownership, by removing time, cost, and complexity. By challenging the traditional approach to pricing and delivering video rooms, they make them readily available to smaller businesses, that ordinarily couldn’t afford them.

Visit this article, 7 Key Reasons to Try a New Online Video Call and Conferencing Tool – SimplyVideo vs. Zoom to learn more about how Simplyvideo can help improve your business.

Let us convince you – Borrow our devices

We believe in the powerful capabilities of the Poly X series enough to offer a free trial. Our proof of concept trial allows you to borrow a device and set it up in your video room. With the full support of our video conferencing team, you can fully test drive your upgraded video experience. After trying it, you won’t want to give it back. Speak to our expert AV team today to book your device trial.

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