Don't miss a thing with our video recording feature

SimplyVideo enables you to record video calls, meaning you can re-watch your meetings or send to colleagues who were unable to attend.

Record and store on your SimplyVideo dashboard

Video calling is a fantastic tool for remote communication, but despite enabling participants to attend from anywhere, sometimes they can’t make a call.

Instead of note-taking and then feeding back to the team who missed out, SimplyVideo enables you to record your video calls.

Your recordings are then stored on your dashboard, allowing you to download and send them to whoever missed out.

See our Recording feature in action

Recording calls and managing the resulting videos couldn't be easier. We've put together this handy video to show you the ins and outs of this great feature.
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Don't forget these other great SimplyVideo features

Record Calls

Enjoy flexible video recording that allows you to save to the cloud, download and share

HD Calls

Get into the detail you need with HD video calling through any supported device

Locked Rooms

All rooms are locked by default, increasing the security of your business in any video call

Screen Sharing

Quickly resolve questions, share critical information, and easily pitch to clients with our screen share feature

Data Compliance

Our UK data centres ensure that we are following the EU data protection and privacy laws

Low Bandwidth

Connect in the most challenging environments with flexible bandwidth connectivity

Join calls from your mobile

With the touch of a button, you can allow guests to join calls with audio only via their mobile phone or other PSTN device.

Other video services

Support users with other video services. You can join platforms like Zoom, Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet.

Use your current device

SimplyVideo supports traditional video devices from manufacturers like Poly, Cisco, and Lifesize – meaning you can use your existing kit!

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