Connect your enterprise video services to Realwear users with zero hassle

We connect your video estate together.

Seamlessly connect with any of your favourite tools.

Our platform allows you to connect multiple platforms that don't usually talk to each other in a single call. Get the power to connect to anyone, no matter the platform or reality they work in. 


─ compatibility

Start Calls Anywhere

Connect your Realwear device to multiple platform such as Skype for Business, Google Hangouts, Teams, webex Teams, Zoom, Bluejeans through a Simplyvideo call. 


─ no downloads

Any browser, anytime

Works in any web browser, with no downloads. Get in a meeting in just a few clicks


─ Simple to use

Works with any video device

Join our video meetings from Laptops; Smartphones, Tablets, Video conferencing endpoints, and more


User security means the world to us.

Control every aspect of your video calls with confidence, we've enabled great security features as default

Locked meetings

Locked to guests as standard, giving you the ultimate control of who joins your calls

Host Controls

Remove, give access and control to every attendee as you see fit with advnaced in call controls

Guest passcodes

An extra level of security with guest access codes for every caller, all controled from your dashboard

Meeting ID's

Pick from randomised or personailsed meeting ID’s for every call, providing total felxibility everytime

Application screen share

Share from apps and browsers with ease, don’t share what you don’t want seen in meetings

Always encrypted

All Simply calls are encypted on our platform, and if you need it we have full control over who can and can’t join any call


─ Connected WORKER

Realwear Integration

Our integration for Realwear provides the most effective way for your workers to communicate with anyone, anywhere.  Join a HD video call with a voice command or scan a QR code on your handheld device. 


─ added control

Realwear companion app

Gain extra control in the field with our Realwear companion app. Manage your video room, share meeting invites and connect with your team on the move.

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