Meet John, the brains behind our Realwear App v2.1 release

Today we’ve launched our Realwear App v2.1 to the public. While we were already please with ourselves with the previous version, this shiny new model includes a few upgrades we wanted to tell you about.

What we really wanted to shout about though is our Mobile Headset App Developer – John Ingram, who has recently completed six months with SimplyVideo (and you can tell from the picture below, he’s as excited as we are!). Skip to the last question for the details on the latest version of the app.

John has become an integral part of the team. He has a wicked sense of humour and is one of the most flexible mobile developers we know. He has no fear of getting his hands dirty, whether that’s deep in Android and Flutter code, or supporting his teammates in a team building treasure hunt around our Exmouth office.

John joined us straight from the University of Exeter after completing a degree in Computer Science, he still enjoys the student lifestyle and currently lives by the beach.

We took the time to ask John some questions so you could get to know more about him, what makes him tick and why he loves working at SimplyVideo.


So John, let’s start with an easy one…What’s your favourite food?

It’s a bit simple and maybe a little cliche but pizza, specifically with chicken and bacon toppings – I can and will eat it any and every day of the week.

A random question we ask all of our Developers, and we’re really not sure why, it’s just fun to know. If you could be any coloured crayon in the box, what would you be?

Probably the orange one, but I don’t know why, I like orange!

You went to University with the goal of becoming a Developer. What’s your favourite thing about being one?

The creativity of it. I get to build applications from the ground up and have to solve difficult problems along the way. When you get to the end of a project ,and you’ve created something new and shiny – its amazingly satisfying.

Well, that’s understandable! Do you have a favourite language to code in?

Kotlin, without a shadow of a doubt. Statically typed, null safety, extension functions, will compile to pretty much anything. Its just better than anything else I’ve used.

Some of our developers have interesting choices in music they share on our Slack channel. What do you listen to while you work?

Depends on the day. One day might be 70s/80s music, the next day might be a throwback to late 2000s – sometimes early 2000s dance anthems make an appearance. Might even get some acoustic covers thrown into the mix. Songs from musicals have even been known to find their way into a playlist, It’s quite eclectic really and all depends on what I have to do.

Before we leave you to get back to that headset device, SimplyVideo is a cool place to work. We have thousands of video calls every month, chat constantly online and offer remote working as standard and have an awesome culture and attitude. But what makes you excited about coming into work every day?

The challenges, the tech, and the variety. I get to play with a lot of devices – it feels like I’m using a different one every day, and they each come with their own set of hurdles which I enjoy breaking down.

Finally, what can you tell us about the latest additions and features in the Realwear App v2.1 release?

I’m really excited about Realwear v2.1. I’ve added features I’ve wanted to add for a while, one of the major changes in this version is the ability to ‘deeplink’ our app from another. This allows other developers, companies and apps to integrate directly with our app. 

You can be in a workflow tool or remote assist app, they can program a voice command or button which enables an end user to open the SimplyVideo app, join straight into a call and be speaking to someone in a video conference within seconds. 

Off the back of this we wanted to enable easy switching between the SimplyVideo app and other apps on the RealWear device, so we’ve also added the ability to keep the video call live even when the user is not in the SimplyVideo app, meaning they can keep the camera and audio feed open, whilst using another app such as a workflow app.

We’ve added the ability to keep a persistent login on the Realwear device now too. Previously, you had to link your account each time you opened the app, now it’ll stay logged in for a short while to stop you having to login each time.

Finally I’ve taken some time to overhaul the User Interface to make buttons a bit slicker and load times a little quicker. These changes are subtle, but they’re there!

Don’t forget these features are on top of all the others we’ve developed. You can use the Realwear headset to jump into a SimplyVideo call, you can navigate through this using voice commands, turn the flash light on, zoom in and out, alter the contrast and everything else the device can do too. And there’s more features coming soon too which I’m working on at the minute.  I can’t say too much but it’s definitely worth waiting for.

Thanks for your time, John. Now, get back to work!

You can download the latest version of the Realwear App v2.1 here


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