RealWear Video Headsets – Powerful, Hands-Free Communication in Any Environment 

What is a RealWear Video Headset?

The RealWear video headset is a rugged, voice-operated android video communications device that’s worn on your head. It can also be attached to a hard hat or safety glasses. 

A video camera sits on the side of your head and a micro-display sits just below your eye as you work. This high-resolution tiny screen views just below your line of sight. Works like you are seeing a 7” tablet. Instructions, step by step process diagrams, and maintenance manuals are right in front of you when you need them. Move them out of the way when you don’t. 

What are the Features?

  • The outdoor display screen is viewable outdoors in bright light
  • 100% hands-free no need to remove gloves or PPE
  • Unmatched noise cancellation – crystal clear video calls even in noisy environments
  • 8-10 hour battery life (hot-swappable)
  • Powerful audio integrated speaker and 3.5mm audio jack for use with hearing protection
  • PPE compatible
  • Water-resistant and dust-tight to IP66 standard
  • Shock resistant to 2m 
  • Temperature stable from -20° – +50°
  • Bombproof – Works in Atex (explosive or combustible) environments

What are the Benefits?

  • Step by step process diagrams, product sheets and schematics are seen exactly when needed
  • Hands-free operation means no scrolling, swiping, or tapping. Just simple voice commands. Ideal in wet, dirty, greasy, dusty environments
  • Powerful system integrations. The headset can integrate with ERP, CRM, GIS, IoT and EAM systems
  •  External device integrations such as barcode readers, printers, RFID readers and sensors 
  • Works with any android application

How does the RealWear Video Headset Transform Communications?

  • Overcome traditional barriers to communication. Mobile phones are not allowed in most industrial settings. Because of health and safety. RealWear clips securely to PPE, so it’s allowed in stringent environments 
  • Communicate while DOING . Video calling enables eyes, ears and hands to be free while people move around
  • Truly unlimited communication. Works anywhere with 4G, Wi-Fi, or a satellite connection
  • Takes video conferencing to new frontiers. Not tied to a desk, laptop or mobile. Communicate with anyone, anywhere!
  • Collaborate anywhere. Active project collaboration in industrial settings
  • Breaks down traditional communication silos. Enable your board room and factory floor to communicate instantly.
  • Take your video meetings to another level. An engineer on-site doing live demonstration of an issue with the whole team listening in real-time
  • Real-time visuals are engaging and immersive. Imagine live RealWear footage patched into a board room video conference. It delivers real, on the ground context and perspective

What are the Uses of the RealWear Video Headset?

RealWear video headset in action
Picture by Michal Wachucik / Abermedia
  • Evidence collection & risk audits . Hands-free image and video capture, with automated logging.
  • Hands-free order picking. Increased warehouse efficiency and speed.
  • Apprentice training. Capture and share teaching videos.
  • Document navigation. View maintenance manuals and technical product sheets.
  • Guided workflow. Visualise step by step process guidance while you work. 
  • IoT data visualisation. From real-time production line metrics to server usage statistics.
  • Mentor video calling. Real-time technical guidance.
  • Real-time innovation. Automatically share new techniques and procedures via video capture. Simply live stream to improve processes.
  • QA, site and field inspections. Remote assessments reduce travel and assessor costs.
  • Troubleshooting product failures. Minimises downtime.
  • Works progress updates. With real-time monitoring.
  • Damage assessments. Insurers speed up their evaluations process 
  • Shift management. Including agenda management, work order scheduling and activity report logging.
  • Documentation gathering. Equipment maintenance and cleaning as example.
  • Maps & navigation. Including geolocation of assets on site.
  • Materials management. Including spare parts and warranties.

What is the Remote Expert Solution?

Remote expert solutions

The remote expert sees what on-site engineers see and hears what they hear. If they annotate their computer screen the frontline worker sees it hundreds of miles away. They can also immediately share documents with the worker. 

Peer-to-peer video collaboration allows experts to provide remote assistance to pin-point the exact issue. Even in high-noise environments. Hands-free communication enables technicians to use tools and operate machinery simultaneously. 

What is the Business Application of the RealWear Headset?

Get the job done.

Immediate, hands-free technical support is available to your team. Maintenance manual pops up in front of their eyes when needed during repair job. A hands-free video call can escalate the issue to a more experienced team member with no delays, for instance. Escalation calls can even be automated as part of a programmed workflow. 

Tighter adherence to company process

Use process workflows that appear on the screen in front of your engineers to guide them as they work. You can set workflows up so that engineers are forced to agree to release the next step of the process. 

Work how the rest of the business works

RealWear video headsets are 100% Microsoft Teams compatible. By using Microsoft Teams, they can connect calls with video calls on other platforms. Platforms such as Skype for Business, Google Hangouts, Webex Teams, Zoom, Bluejeans, SimplyVideo and more can connect easily. Break down the barriers to communication within your business. 

Here are the 7 Key Reasons to Try a New Online Video Call and Conferencing Tool – SimplyVideo vs. Zoom that demonstrates the benefits of SimplyVideo’s solution.

Work more efficiently in industrial conditions

Schlumberger (a multi-national oil company) noted a 30% gain in efficiency of maintenance cycles.

Imagine an engineer working in a dusty or dirty environment in full PPE.

If they encounter a problem, they have to:

  1. Stop work
  2. Leave the factory floor
  3. Walk to a clean area
  4. Remove their PPE
  5. Communicate their issue

With the RealWear video headset, they can video call for technical support in real-time, using only their voice. Above all, no need to touch anything. They simply carry on working in their PPE.

Health and Safety

Hands-free operation increases operational safety. Workers with video maintain situational awareness. Therefore, reducing distractions and being aware of potential hazards. Saudi Aramco noted a 70% increase in safety compliance when using RealWear headsets.

Speed up apprentice training

Instant playback of training videos. Immediate access to remote mentoring.

Save travel time and costs

The obvious costs of not having to ship qualified engineers across the country or world. Your most technical engineers can see exactly what their team are doing in real-time, anywhere in the world. 

Cut down the cost of employing technical people

Instead of having a team of engineers, you could have one remote expert. Remote expert will guide junior engineers from a central hub. For instance, imagine the most complex machinery in the plant with that one guy that knows how to fix it.

Robust devices for reliable communications

Construction workers are notorious for breaking and dropping their phones, rendering them useless. A standard phone is not designed for a dirty, dusty environment, or to withstand impact.

On the other hand, RealWear video headset, used by NASA, is built to IP66 standards for dust and water. Therefore, It can be used at sea. Withstanding jets of water and dirt cannot penetrate the device. RealWear video headset is shock-proof. So, it can be dropped from 2 metres in any direction and not break. 

Retain your most highly skilled people

Travelling with work and being away from family can be tough. Reducing your need for travel will make your most talented workers lives better. Therefore, making them more likely to stay with you. 

Consequently reduce downtime first-time fixes on heavy equipment can be reduced by up to 75% through collaboration.

What Are Some Potential Use Cases Within Industrial Settings?

Oil rigs, engineering companies, factory floors, construction, mechanical, medical and industrial environments already benefit from using RealWear headsets. 

Building inspections

Inspectors can check buildings and sign them off as certified to building regulations without ever setting foot in the building.

Oil rigs and isolated locations

For example, it takes days to helicopter in a geologist and its weather dependant, costing lots of money. Instead, they can instantly see what’s going on via RealWear video calling.

Medical consultations

RealWear video headsets allow medical professionals to cut waiting times significantly. They simply send a link for a video during consultation. Doing things in real-time, instead of waiting. Moreover, this technology saves lives. Patient examinations can be done hands-free. In addition, this gives the ability to move the camera around the body while talking and explaining the issue.

Binocular adaptations allow the RealWear headset to use 3D augmented reality. 

Practical Applications of 3D Augmented Reality Include:

3D modelling of car parts

Engineers can see in real-time if a proposed component will fit in place within a car engine or needs to be modified.

3D building models

Architects can visualise 3D models of building plans on a building plot.

How to Get Started with the RealWear Video Headset

We believe that Operations Directors all over the world are waking up to the transformative benefits of the RealWear device. The RealWear video headset puts engineering and expert teams on speed. It enables them to work much more efficiently and communicate more easily. If you have read this article and believe that RealWear would revolutionise your team, your first step is to book a demo.

Most companies then arrange for a proof of concept for the device. This involves investing in around 6 devices and rolling out to a small project team. Once you experience the powerful uses of the device, there is no going back. Book your demo with our expert team today. 

  • I would like to put the purchase of this equipment forward for simulation funding for the University, for use in simulated clinical placements. Please would you advise me of the total cost needed and any other detail to enable the university to make the order in March. Thank you

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