Enterprise grade security as standard

Everyone on SimplyVideo gets the best security available, no matter which plan you’re on. 


Your security means
the world to us.

Control every aspect of your video calls with confidence. Great security features are enabled by default. 

Locked Meetings

Locked to guests as standard, giving you the ultimate control of who joins your calls.

Guest Passcodes

An extra level of security with guest access codes for every caller, if needed.

Screen Share

Share from apps or browsers with ease. Don't share what you don't want seen in meetings.

Host Controls

Remotely grant access and host every attendee as you see fit with advanced in call controls.

Meeting IDs

Pick from randomised URLs or create personalised meeting IDs for every call, providing total flexibility every time.


All SimplyVideo calls are encrypted on our platform. If you need it, SImplyVideo can provide full control over who can and can't join any call.

Data protection and privacy

Only the most basic customer data is stored in the SimplyVideo database, this includes your username, password​, email, company, and profile info.

Regardless of your device, we encrypt your call to the highest standard. This ensures that your data and call is confidential and secure for all your business communications, not withstanding of hardware environment.

All calls are fully encrypted up to (AES-256bit) from start to finish, if your device supports it. If not, then we do the very best we can with the device you opt to use.

We're paranoid about security,
It's a good thing.

Dedicated network

All video and content, except the last mile, runs via our
global network, built just
for our service.

Encrypted calls

Calls in and out of our network are encrypted to the highest standard, making all of
your calls secure.

24/7 Support

Our service is monitored 24/7 by our team, making sure things stay up and running
no matter what.

GDPR Compliant

All our (your) data is hosted and kept in the UK. We never share your data with anyone else.
That's a promise.

Call recording, storage and encryption

Recordings are stored in our secure containers in the cloud. These videos are encrypted (AES-256bit) and are only accessible to the people who started the recording.

When you delete your recordings, they are gone forever (no really), so make sure you take what you need before you get rid of it.

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