Be there without being there

Real-time remote video collaboration on every device, giving your team the tools to support anyone,  just like being by their side.

Smarter support today, with powerful web tools

SimplyVideo’s intuitive real-time remote AR video platform makes supporting and guiding effortless, Connecting your whole team more efficiently using the power of smartglasses and mixed reality.

Draw attention to the details that matter

Need to point out a specific problem? With our annotation feature you can highlight exactly what you mean. Helping you get it right first time.

Get help everytime you need it.

Call for the help you need with one simple voice command from your Smartglasses. Automatically trigger emails, Teams and other service notifications to get you help, or dial out to others to get the help you need.

Support for the best Smart hardware.

Connect your team no matter the device they use in seconds, cutting down on the complexity to meet. Use Smartglasses, smart devices and even video meeting hardware making video work across your business.


Made to make your life simple

Take a look at how easy it is to get started with SimplyVideo remote expert tools.

Plus everything else you'd expect.

Low Bandwidth

Get connected in the most challenging environments with flexible bandwidth connectivity.

Record Calls

Flexible video recording that allows you to save to the cloud, download and share.

HD calls

Get into the detail you need with HD video calling using any supported device.

Data Compliance

With UK data centres we make sure we are following EU law on data protection and privacy.

Locked Rooms

Rooms locked by default for added security in any video call.

Share your Screen

Teams can quickly resolve questions, share critical information, and pitch to clients.

Connect across your team, no matter what they do?

Join calls from your mobile device

With the flick of a switch, you can turn on the ability to allow guests to join your calls with audio only via mobile phones or other PSTN devices.

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Join from other
video services

SimplyVideo supports users with other video services too. Join from Zoom, Skype for Business, Cisco Webex, Teams, and even Google Meet.

Join from
video device's

SimplyVideo supports connections with traditional video devices from manufacturers such as Poly, Cisco, and Lifesize. So you can join SimplyVideo calls from your existing kit.

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