SimplyVideo for
Google Meet

Use SimplyVideo's Q-Join to connect wearable devices, and SIP/H.323 video conferencing room systems to Google Meet meetings.



Enterprise grade security as standard

Everyone on Simply Video gets the best security we can muster, no messing about and that's that...

The SimplyVideo's Google Meet interop solution allows wearable augmented reality devices such as Realwear, Magic Leap, and Hololens to natively join Meet calls.

It extends the reach of Meet in your business like never before.  It also connects multiple meeting solutions from vendors such as Cisco and Poly, Zoom, or even Skype for Business.

Who's it for?


→ Use Google G Suite and Meet as their productivity and collaboration platforms

→ Have augmented reality devices such as Realwear, Magic Leap and Hololens, in a mixed communication environments that need to connect to Google Meet

→ Have standards-based video conferencing devices from vendors such as Cisco, Poly, and want to join Google Meet calls with them

→ Have external customer, clients and user who want to join Google Meet calls from Zoom, Skype for Business or other software video services


Works With Wearable Devices

Connect your remote workforce to Meet calls using SimplyVideo. Our device app's are built to make the users life easy, with call controls to join and terminate calls, zoom level, exposure, and flashlight control.  


Works With Google Calendar

Schedule or set up meetings exactly like you always do in Meet, nothing extra. No extra software, no extra steps, no extra buttons to push. It all happens inside Goggle Calendar and we embed dial in details to every meet call you have.


Works With Video conferencing Devices

SimplyVideo for Google Meet enables non-Google users to join Meet video calls using a SIP or H.323 video conferencing system, Skype for Business, or non-Google web browsers.


Q-Join meeting technology

It’s easy for anyone with a wearable device to join a Google Meet call in seconds.  SimplyVideo provide's a range of applications for Realwear, Magic Leap and Hololens and more.

With our on device applications and companion app for IOS and Android we've created a simply an hassle free experience.


Realwear device bundle

Add the power of Realwear to your video estate with our Realwear device bundle. Connect in seconds to anyone, anywhere on any device using our QR code join flow.  See what your team see's from any laptop, browser, meeting room video system or even Microsoft Teams.

£119 /Month

  • Include remote participants on desktop, mobile, or other conference room systems.

  • Control your Realwear device in call with commands such as zoom, exposure, flashlight and more

  • See what your remote team see’s from device, with simple join flows

  • Communicate with exisiting video services in your business like Cisco, Poly or Teams

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Video interop bundle for Microsoft Teams

Join Teams meetings with third-party video conferencing systems. Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business have become popular as video platforms, our CVI bundles connect professional meeting room systems (SIP/H.323 devices). We remove complexity and expand the possibilities of your meeting rooms

£ 160 /month

Join Teams meetings with third-party video conferencing systems

  • Microsoft interoperability integration

  • Endpoint Subscription

  • Direct Teams Connection

  • Supports SIP/H.323 devices

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