SimplyVideo for Microsoft Teams

Connects smartglasses, augmented reality devices, mobiles, and videoconferencing services to Microsoft Teams calls.

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SimplyVideo’s Microsoft Teams solution allows video devices to join Teams calls, even though they aren’t natively supported. This means that your video meetings can include smartglasses and augmented reality devices, as well as existing videoconferencing systems.

Using Cloud Video interop extends the reach of Microsoft Teams like never before, allowing you to standardise your entire video calling strategy within the platform, while offering seamless expansion for new devices.

Who's it for?

→ Users of Microsoft O365 and Teams as their productivity and collaboration platforms

→ Users with smartglasses and/or augmented reality devices such as Realwear, Magic Leap and Hololens, that need to connect to Microsoft Teams

→ Users with standards-based videoconferencing devices (from vendors such as Cisco and Poly) that want to join Microsoft Teams calls with them

→ Businesses that have external customers, clients, and users who want to join Microsoft Teams calls from Zoom, Skype for Business, or other software video services.

RealWear Headset - SImplyVideo

Works with smartglasses

Connect your remote workforce to Teams calls using SimplyVideo. Our device apps are designed to make the user's life easy, with voice commands to join and terminate calls, adjust zoom level and exposure, and control the flashlight.

Works with O365 calendars

With SimplyTeamsConnect, you set up meetings exactly like you always would in Outlook or Teams, you don't have to do anything new. It all happens in O365 and we embed dial-in details to every Teams call you have.

Works with Video devices

SimplyTeams Connect enables non-Teams users to join Teams video calls using a SIP or H.323 video conferencing systems. You can even connect with Skype for Business or a browser.

Our iOS & Android app - for extra control.

Gain additional functionality when you need it with our iOS and Android apps. Manage your video rooms, join calls from the app or wearable devices,  share meeting invites, and connect with your team on the move. All from one handy app.

Extend the reach of Microsoft Teams in your organisation

Connect to everything.