SimplyVideo and Hippo Technologies Partner to Deliver Virtual Care

We’re pleased to announce that SimplyVideo has recently partnered with Hippo Technologies, Inc. – the provider of virtual care solutions for healthcare and medical education. Combining SimplyVideo’s support for wearable devices (such as smartglasses) with the Hippo Virtual Care (HVC) platform, the joint solution opens up a host of possibilities for the medical world.

This means that Hippo customers will be able to access the HVC to collaborate remotely through their existing third-party video provider via Hippo Connect powered by SimplyVideo. Our integration into HVC supports voice commands and is specifically built around the control of Hippo’s head-mounted devices so that collaborators can feel as if they are in the room with a clinician.

The partnership positions Hippo as one of the first healthcare wearable platforms to provide complete teleconferencing interoperability across health organisations. The simplicity of the solution makes it accessible and convenient for a wide range of clinicians and customers. As a result, user adoption can be as fast as possible as everybody will be able to get the system to work easily. 

We are thrilled to partner with SimplyVideo to bring fully compliant third-party video interoperability to Hippo Virtual Care,” said Brian Hamilton, President and Co-Founder of Hippo Technologies. “With this partnership, clinicians are able to fully leverage the benefits of Virtual Care’s convenience, allowing them to meet with patients using their existing video conferencing platforms while adding extra layers of security to ensure patient data is fully secured.

By combining our device interoperability into HVC’s fully HIPAA/GDPR compliant software, anyone using a third-party video platform can join in on a fully compliant and secure call through their existing video conferencing services.

Our very own Chief Strategy Officer, George Sims said, “Our team is dedicated to creating simplified solutions that allow more immersive remote collaboration. To that end, we are delighted to partner with Hippo to provide frontline medical professionals, clinicians, and patients easier access to the remote collaboration tools needed to maximise secure, effective virtual care.”

This partnership has been developed bearing in mind all forms of mobility. Built around hands-free computing and the use of voice commands for wearables, tablets, and smartphones, the combination allows for immersive remote interaction.

In case it wasn’t clear, we’re very excited about this partnership. The combination of SimplyVideo and HVC opens up a wealth of remote possibilities in the medical world that will facilitate faster healthcare and help to save lives.

For more information, visit or get in touch with one of the SimplyVideo team.

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