And the winner is…SimplyVideo!

To say we’re pleased is a bit of an understatement to say the least. We’re over the moon at having scooped the prize for Best Newcomer at the Yorkshire Business Masters Awards 2020. Hosted by, the ceremony celebrates the successes of businesses throughout the county. As has been the …

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how to sell with video calls

How To Sell With Video Calls

Do you want more sales but are stuck working from home? Are you struggling to make sales quotas or get new clients because you can’t connect in person? You’re not alone. 2020 has been a massive shift in how we work, especially if we sell b2b and even b2c. The …

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How To Look Professional On Your Webcam Calls

Video conference calls… In 2020, we’ve all had to learn how to use them. Maybe to chat to clients, talk with your team, make some sales, teach students or even to interview for a new job. We know how the software works, but now we need to learn how to …

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video stategy | Simplyvideo

Why You Need To Strengthen Your Video Strategy

As video conferencing is indeed vital in these times for many businesses, it is also imperative to have a strong video strategy in place that will help boost companies’ productivity. Why do you need a strong video strategy? Productivity – Boost your team’s work rate Business continuity – Enable your …

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Poly X Series | Simplyvideo

Why the Poly X Series Video Device is a Total Game-Changer

Gen Z is fuelling rapid change in the workplace. Things happen faster, nimbler, and NOW. Older technologies like e-mail and traditional phones are giving way to quicker ways of doing business. Gen Z doesn’t send an email and wait for 3 hours for a response They send an IM on …

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online video conferencing business continuity - Simplyvideo

Is Video Conferencing Part of your Business Continuity Plan?

Many business organisations are investing in online video conferencing solutions, realising its importance in these trying times. Wherein remote work is an indispensable tool to keep business going. What is business continuity planning? Business continuity planning means creating systems to prevent potential threats to your company’s ability to keep trading. …

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