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Why You Need To Strengthen Your Video Strategy

As video conferencing is indeed vital in these times for many businesses, it is also imperative to have a strong video strategy in place that will help boost companies’ productivity. Why do you need a strong video strategy? Productivity – Boost your team’s work rate Business continuity – Enable your …

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Is Video Conferencing Part of your Business Continuity Plan?

Many business organisations are investing in online video conferencing solutions, realising its importance in these trying times. Wherein remote work is an indispensable tool to keep business going. What is business continuity planning? Business continuity planning means creating systems to prevent potential threats to your company’s ability to keep trading. …

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Enabling Microsoft Teams on Your Existing Video Hardware Standardizes your Video Meeting Estate

Microsoft Teams puts everything that businesses use including live chat, video meeting, voice, Office 365, and documents in one place.   After analyzing the economic impact of Microsoft Teams, Forrester Consulting concluded that businesses that use Teams:  Make decisions over 17% faster  Save an average of 4 hours a week  Avoid around 50 unnecessary trips per year   Within …

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