The annotation sensation – improve your video communication with in-call annotations.

We’ve recently rolled out an annotation feature for the SimplyVideo platform. Before you start going on about how other platforms did annotation ages ago, we’re going to take this opportunity to point out that they didn’t do it alongside wearable XR devices. SimplyVideo 1 – 0 Everyone else. 

Why you might need annotation

Let’s be serious for a second. Workplaces thrive on productivity and everyone is busy, including you. You don’t want to waste time rifling through diagrams, listening for someone to badly explain a solution, or (even worse) waiting for an expert to come and solve the situation themselves. After all, you have the very best tech in the form of a set of smartglasses and SimplyVideo, so why not use it to make your life a little easier?

What’s the issue?

A picture paints a thousand words, and describing a complex issue can take time. Saving a few seconds might not seem like a lot in isolation, but it all adds up. Instead of settling for things being unnecessarily complicated, we think it’s better to skip the stress and frustration altogether. 

Many of us at SimplyVideo started off in the audiovisual industry, so we’re no strangers to complex equipment and iffy schematics. While a diagram might seem clear enough, sometimes you just need someone to show you what on earth it is that you need to do. Thanks to our annotation feature, you can. Let’s take a quick look at a situation people deal with on a daily basis.

A real-world example

Let’s do some role-playing. You are James Bond, 007 – except your license to kill has been swapped for a way cooler SimplyVideo licence. Some dastardly fiend has built a bomb that’s on the cusp of detonating and you have to disarm it. As if you needed this hassle.  

Well, luckily Q gave you a RealWear HMT-1 headset, and is using SimplyVideo to guide you through the process. He’s on the call, seeing what you see. 

All is going swimmingly until you lift the casing off the device and see an absolute bird’s nest of cables of various colours. There’s 15 different shades of green ranging from turquoise to bottle and Q is yelling “Cut the green wire!” as the seconds ebb ever closer to detonation. Rather than panic, you coolly tell him to show you the correct one by annotating over a screenshot. He circles the one to snip, the bomb is deactivated and you get to be in the sequel. Lovely stuff. 

Of course, there are other applications that don’t involve saving the world. Below is a nice little video where Lawrence and Jordan demonstrate its use in an IT or AV setting. 

Remember, you can also use it to doodle over your colleagues’ faces in an effort to exert dominance in the workplace. 

Can I try it out for myself?

Of course you can. Don’t take our word for it on how good it is – after all we made it, so we’re hardly impartial. Just head over to the pricing page and try it out for free for 14 days. We recommend trying more features than just the annotation though. 

At the end of the day, being concise and succinct means being efficient. Being efficient means doing tasks quicker and getting more done in a day. Simple. 

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