SimplyVideo Use Cases

SimplyVideo can be deployed for many different use cases, and we're determined to create our platform around your specific use case, so that you get the best return on investment.
Audit & Inspection

Streamline audit and inspection, solve compliance issues, and enable faster resolutions to health and safety concerns.

Design & Visualisation

Use the power of Augmented Reality (AR) to create three-dimensional objects and digital twins, to provide the means to visualise concepts remotely.

Energy and Utilities
Digital Work Instructions

Give your frontline workers a hands-free solution through digital instructions, checklists and documentation to improve accuracy and reduce errors.

Field Service & Maintenance

Better the compliance, productivity and most importantly the safety of your frontline workers, with a hands-free, voice controlled solution.

Remote Support & Assistance

Connect your frontline workers to remote experts across the world, reducing downtime, travel and costs, through a hands-free video collaboration solution.

Training & Education

Remove the hassles of having your workforce travel for training by using SimplyVideo and Extended Reality (XR) to provide clear and concise remote training.

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