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Use the power of Augmented Reality (AR) to create digital twins and other three-dimensional objects to provide the means to visualise concepts remotely.
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Remote Design Collaboration

Engineers and designers need to collaborate on a project but could be stuck in a remote location and be unable to work together, meaning valuable time and productivity is lost.

Our solution paired with Augmented Reality (AR) or Mixed Reality (MR) smartglasses allows you to visualise a piece of 3D content in a physical space.

With everybody working off the same model, you can achieve results faster – without having to travel.

Faster Maintenance

Trying to carry out maintenance on an unfamiliar piece of equipment can be a nightmare. Rifling back and forth through documents is a time consuming exercise that nobody needs.

Using Augmented Reality (AR) along with the SimplyVideo platform, they can be guided through the process by a remote expert that can share 3D models, schematics, and designs to get the job done as quickly as possible, leading to more efficient operations throughout your enterprise.

Digital Site Walkthroughs

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, a new site visit required visitors to travel to be there in person, and would often involve a lengthy induction before anyone could set foot on the premises.

When combined, Augmented Reality (AR) and SimplyVideo allow a site manager to walk around the site while others join the call remotely, seeing the structure through their eyes. The process is enhanced using spatial computing and 3D digital modelling to show elements that are yet to be applied.

Build a better future for your workforce

Organisations across the world are facing ever-evolving challenges to connect their remote teams with crucial business information whenever they require it.

This information needs to be accurate when sharing internally, as well as secure. It can be extremely difficult to get an effective level of communication in this current climate.

These consistent challenges impact the way remote teams operate, and those workers that are on the frontline need a solution that allows them to connect safely and efficiently.

Intelligently integrate digital models into a physical environment

Mixed Reality (MR) solutions such as Magic Leap and Microsft HoloLens 2 can map an environment and apply interactive content over the top.

The application for this technology is incredibly wide-reaching. It can be used in the construction industry to demonstrate the finished product, or it can be used in healthcare to show detailed models of organs for reference.

Combined with SimplyVideo, users have the power to collaborate visually. This means they can see exactly what needs to be done and the margin of error is reduced.

Design and Visualisation Use Cases

Contruction and engineering
Maintenance and repair
Manufacturing and assembly

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Save time

Resolve issues and identify problems faster. Help your team identify in real-time, rather than waiting days for an expert to arrive.

Reduce Costs

When using a remote expert you can identify the issue quicker, meaning you get production back online sooner and save on travel costs.

Improve Quality

Real-time collaboration helps reduce costly disruptions and allows better communication across different locations and time-zones.


Revolutionise your workforce and reduce errors, increase productivity, and connect your frontline workers to remote support.


Transform the way your business operates through the power of SimplyVideo and Extended Reality (XR) headsets.

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