Hands-free Digital Work Instructions

Give your frontline workers digital work instructions, checklists, and documentation to improve productivity, accuracy and reduce operational errors.
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Improve Training

Frontline technicians need to memorise procedures and instructions, but all frontline workers will need to refer to technical documentation frequently.

Our solution allows your frontline workforce to access images, videos, and training documents all through their Assisted Reality (aR) device, making them quicker and more accurate.

Smoother Workflow

It’s easy for workers to lose their place in the workflow. However, that only increases the risks of making mistakes and can waste valuable time re-visiting documentation.

Using the power of our platform, frontline workers can easily access digital instructions that they can follow while they work, reducing errors and improving quality of work.

Better Productivity

Simple things like taking off gloves to handwrite copy or going away from the problem to read through printed documentation cause delays and break productivity.

With SimplyVideo, your workers have a hands-free solution and can use voice-commands to complete actions like recording videos or logging steps through their procedures.

Build a better future for your workforce

Organisations across the world are facing ever-evolving challenges to connect their remote teams with crucial business information whenever they require it.

This information needs to be accurate when sharing internally, as well as secure. It can be extremely difficult to get an effective level of communication in this current climate.

These consistent challenges impact the way remote teams operate. Those workers that are on the frontline, need a solution that allows them to connect safely and efficiently.

Connect your frontline workers with your remote experts

Frontline workers can often be faced with challenging and dangerous environments.

They seek support from remote workers, other team members, or clients. With SimplyVideo not only can they connect to the wider workforce, but they can also do so through a hands-free solution that allows them to improve their situational awareness.

Whether it’s equipment repair, training, or any other business-critical tasks, using our platform to connect your workforce to remote experts can transform your business by improving productivity, saving costs on travel, and identifying issues more accurately.

Digital Working Instructions Use Cases

Automotive repair and servicing
Testing and inspection
Maintenance and repair
Manufacturing and assembly

Be part of the next industrial revolution

We want to discover how SimplyVideo can best serve your business, your needs, and your industry.
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Save time

Resolve issues and identify problems faster. Help your team identify in real-time, rather than waiting days for an expert to arrive.

Reduce Costs

When using a remote expert you can identify the issue quicker, meaning you get production back online sooner and save on travel costs.

Improve Quality

Real-time collaboration helps reduce costly disruptions and allows better communication across different locations and time-zones.


Revolutionise your workforce and reduce errors, increase productivity, and connect your frontline workers to remote support.


Transform the way your business operates through the power of SimplyVideo and Extended Reality (XR) headsets.

Made for you

We will seamlessly integrate with your existing technology and design a solution that will best work for you and your frontline workers.

Global workforce

''If there is a problem, equipment experts from any of our locations worldwide can join in and see for themselves, enabling them to advise how to solve it.''

''We needed something that could break down the barriers that the pandemic had imposed, and it needed to be extremely visual. Not only to allow to see how things are done, but to give people the ability to take stock of how they are doing things.''

Stuart Brooks HSSE Manager | Soletanche Bachy International

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