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Video conferencing solution has been widely used by businesses to manage both teams and business to get back on track. Because of the coronavirus pandemic a growing number of businesses are finding alternative ways to keep trading.

  • As a result, pubs and restaurants are becoming “order online” takeaways.
  • High street shops are heavily promoting and discounting their online products in a bid to keep trading due to pandemic.
  • Tutors and consultants have turned to offering consultations via video calls because of coronavirus threat.
  • Teams are continuing to work from home using video conferencing
  • Theatres and personal trainers are offering recorded sessions

In these unprecedented times, businesses are adapting at an unprecedented rate in order to keep trading.

B2B and Information Based Businesses

For many B2B businesses, communication is the lifeblood of their business. Enabling their team to continue to work from home is paramount to business continuity. Having a stable video conference platform with collaborative working features built in is the backbone to keeping their business going.

High Quality Audio-Video Conferencing Boost Interactive Teamwork

Equipping your team with laptops, e-mail, remote file access and mobile phones is still not a replacement for teamwork. Many remote workers can feel isolated and not part of a team. Nothing replaces the value of authentic, face to face conversations to boost collaboration. Crystal clear HD video calls made on a platform with built in collaborative features will speed up your decision making. Screen sharing, instant messaging and branded video calls bring geographically dispersed teams together, enabling them to continue to deliver on key business metrics.

Check out this article How to Run Larger Video Calls with More Participants to learn more about setting up a video conferencing with a number of participants.

Choosing a Good Video Conferencing Provider

When choosing a video conference platform, it is good to know which features make for a slick user experience, that doesn’t break down.

Here are Some Key Features That You Should Look For:

1 click join – many video providers will expect you to download software to start your call or put in codes or force you to schedule meetings. In order to upskill your team quickly and encourage rapid video adoption, you will need to choose a platform that is simple and straight forward. A 1 click joining process overcomes all these problems because you can access the platform and start meetings with 1 web link, from anywhere in the world, on any device, in any browser. The process is super simple. No clunky APIs, dial-in codes, or technical ability is needed. Just click and go!

Interoperability – Will your video platform enable you to connect video calls with other video software providers? Think of the contacts that your team needs to video call. The likelihood of them all using the same video platform is slim. Our video platform connects to Zoom, Webex, Google Hangouts, and many more.

Built-in collaboration – Screen sharing, instant messaging, call recording, branded meetings rooms, etc. All help to work together and make business decisions in real time.
Our video conferencing platform, SimplyVideo has all the features listed above and more.

How Do You Get Started with Our Video Conferencing Platform?

Having found the video platform that ticks all the boxes, schedule a demo and obtains your video licenses. The interface of our video conferencing platform is so simple it does not need any training to use. Your team will adopt video call really quickly and use it to power up their team-work, making working from home a reality.

Book a demo with our team now.

Here’s the 7 Key Reasons to Try a New Online Video Call and Conferencing Tool – SimplyVideo vs. Zoom to demonstrate how Simplyvideo can be a great tool for your organization.

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