Enabling Microsoft Teams on Your Existing Video Hardware Standardizes your Video Meeting Estate

Microsoft Teams puts everything that businesses use including live chat, video meeting, voice, Office 365, and documents in one place.  

After analyzing the economic impact of Microsoft Teams, Forrester Consulting concluded that businesses that use Teams: 

  • Make decisions over 17% faster 
  • Save an average of 4 hours a week 
  • Avoid around 50 unnecessary trips per year  

Within the IT department, Microsoft Teams is revolutionizing Unified Communications, with IT people investing in their skillsets to maximize the business’s Teams adoption and fully unlock their productivity.  

Many businesses now want to enable MS Teams across their existing video conference rooms. But, because they invested in video conferencing kit years before Teams came to market, they believe it’s not possible without massively investing in the new kit.   

They Believe That: 

  • Their current video meeting hardware is not MS Teams compatible. 
  • It’s too complex to migrate to Teams because they currently use other video software providers – possibly even several providers. 
  • They have video conferencing kits from different vendors scattered throughout offices in different locations. 
  • They can’t afford to kit out their meeting room estate with new Microsoft Teams compatible room systems. 
  • IT support for their video hardware and software licensing may be delivered by various different companies, with different contract start dates. 
  • Their video conference rooms, joining processes, and call management are all disparate and not centrally managed. 

How Can They Overcome These Objections? 

Standards-Based Video Conference Hardware Interoperability 

Fortunately, for the last few years, most of the major video conferencing hardware vendors have been making standards-based video conferencing systems that follow the same language (SIP and H.323). That means that the chances are, even if you use several different types of video kit, you can standardize it.

Microsoft Teams across runs all of it, by using our interoperability tool called Microsoft CVI. There are currently only three suppliers of Microsoft CVI and SimplyVideo is the only company based in the UK.  

Standard Video Meeting Joining Process, Increased User Adoption & Less Technical Issues 

Using Microsoft Teams to standardize your video meeting estate means that you can roll out a standard meeting joining and call management process right across your organization. This allows you to avoid many of the issues that frequently disturb conference calls. Using Microsoft Teams avoids the complexity of meeting PIN codes, downloading video software, and therefore, meetings start on time.

Because your team is already accustomed to using MS Teams for most tasks in their working day, they are familiar with the interface, using it with ease. This avoids technical problems that eat up a precious meeting time and slow productivity.  

Connecting Diverse Video Meeting Platforms 

Our Microsoft CVI offering has the added bonus of overcoming the challenge of connecting video calls with people outside your organization. This issue can be very challenging when both parties use different video software. Microsoft Cloud Video Interop (CVI) enables Teams video calls to connect with Skype for Business, Google HangoutsWebex Teams, ZoomBluejeans, and more.

This powerful CVI connectivity overcomes those software limitations and extends the reach of MS Teams to almost any external party running any video software.

The entire CVI connectivity process has been designed to function seamlessly, without sluggish software downloads or a clunky, unfamiliar interface. Our in-house MS Teams experts setup your CVI in a way that saves you time and money. Standardizes your unified communications estate, and busts apart the perceived limitations of Teams.  

Microsoft Direct Call Routing Consolidates Disparate Phone Systems  

Many business owners tell us that the same complexity and disparate phone systems existing within their video conferencing estate are also echoed throughout their cloud voice architecture. There are still many business owners and IT managers who are not aware that Microsoft Direct Call Routing allows you to use Microsoft Teams as your phone system.

Microsoft Teams interoperability solutions ensure that your communications estate is robust, simple, and easier to manage. Directly from a desktop phone, a headset, or click on a computer screen.  

The Business Case – Are There Any True Commercial Benefits? 

So, if you convert your existing video rooms to MS Teams rooms using CVI, will you actually save money?  

Compared to what you are already spending, you probably won’t save loads of money. But you will avoid the cost and complexity of a huge CAPEX project to replace your legacy video kit. Your monthly running costs will probably not change much, but you will gain huge business advantages, without investing any more money. 

  • Increased Productivity. Video meetings are all held in MS Teams. 
  • Standardized. Your meeting room estate will be much easier to manage. 
  • Extend Teams. You will be able to call people who use other video software seamlessly. 
  • Budget Control. Your costs will be predictable 
  • Reduced Complexity. You will have one video conferencing supplier with one contract date and one bill to manage. 
  • Easier Management. Using MS Teams Direct Call Routing to consolidate disparate phone systems further reduces cost and complexity. 

Video Meeting Room Trends – Rapidly Deployed Huddle Rooms 

The next transformative driver for the video room estate is rapidly increased video adoption. Gone are the days when a business has one big fancy board room for an executive video conference once a month. Video adoption is growing rapidly. Increased Microsoft Teams usage means that collaborative working practices are rising rapidly and no longer limited by geography. Because of this, smaller video rooms, with 2-4 seats, also called “huddle rooms” are now more in demand.

With entire Teams using this powerful collaboration tool, meetings are becoming more seamless. As tasks move forward in real-time people can literally “huddle” dipping in and out of smaller, pop up video meetings. Microsoft Teams is powering change, with people’s work habits rapidly evolving. Video enabled workspaces now need to adapt to keep pace and drive growth.  

Simply Video has innovated a unique approach to the growing demand for huddle rooms. Our low cost, self-assembly video rooms offer an affordable way to rapidly roll out huddle rooms and full-sized conference rooms. These fully Microsoft Teams native “All in One Video Rooms” are deployed in just 120 minutes. Being priced at an affordable monthly price point, the packages are commercially disruptive. All furniture, video devices, interoperability, licenses, and 24/7 support is included.

No drilling, plastering, or meeting room preparation is required. These packages have been custom-built to overcome the barriers to video room ownership, by removing time, cost, and complexity. By challenging the traditional approach to pricing and delivering video rooms, they make professional meeting spaces readily available to smaller businesses, that ordinarily couldn’t afford them. 

Here are the 7 Key Reasons to Try a New Online Video Call and Conferencing Tool – SimplyVideo vs. Zoom that demonstrates the benefits of SimplyVideo’s solution.

Pushing the Boundaries of the Video Meeting Hardware Market Even Further 

To further compliment the drive for smaller video meetings, we also offer Microsoft Teams certified interactive screens. This convergence of technologies puts meetings on speed and takes seamless video collaboration up a level.

The next progression for video hardware has to be MS Teams enabled hands-free, Augmented Reality Video Meeting Headsets by Realwear. Designed for rugged environments, they are dustproof, shockproof, and temperature resistant, with built-in image stabilization. 

Augmented Reality devices are starting to enter the board room and become commonplace on factory floors, construction sites, and engineering settings. Video licensing and support is all included with the monthly cost of the devices.  

We Are Your MS Teams Interoperability Specialists 

Our expert team understands the complexities of how to configure Microsoft CVI to simplify and complement your existing architecture. Whether you need to run Teams on legacy video kit or use MS Teams as your phone system.

We have successfully completed thousands of unified communications installations and understand how to leverage the benefits of this powerful collaboration tool, right across your UC estate. Talk to our MS certified team today.  

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