Disruptive Video Meeting Room Trends – Affordable, Rapidly Deployed Huddle Rooms

More and more businesses are on the move to set up their own video meeting room because of accessibility, availability and affordability to cope with the current trends.

Workplace Behavioural Shift – Rapid Displacement of Technology

Collaboration tool like Microsoft Teams is changing the way people work. Technologies are disrupted and displaced by modern ways of working. Companies that use MS Teams to collaborate can work and grow much faster. According to Microsoft, 91% of the fortune 100 companies use MS Teams, demonstrating it’s power as a communication tool.

How Working Practices are Evolving

video meeting room evolution - Simplyvideo

MS Teams is built to facilitate impromptu and seamless video-based collaboration. Regardless of where you are in the Office 365 suite, a video call is only a mouse click away. Quick access to contacts and collaborative processes are built into its fabric. Therefore, productivity is woven throughout its core.

Above all, video meetings are rapidly increasing. Usage of our own video platform has increased by over 500% in the last 90 days. In addition, many business owners have already deployed MS Teams with video because it helps their team to make decisions 17% faster as a result. (Source: Forrester Consulting).

CEOs realise that most of their meeting rooms are not yet video equipped. They may not even know that they are actually looking for a huddle room. Most likely they are also unaware of the benefits of a huddle room, or how they put teams and their productivity on speed.

What is a Huddle Room?

A huddle room is a small, video enabled meeting space designed for 2-4 people. Currently only 8.1% of all video meeting rooms are huddle rooms. Frost and Sullivan anticipate this number to grow to 70% by 2022 as MS Teams drives a change in working habits.

What Does a Huddle Room Have in it?

  • Video conferencing kit
  • A video screen
  • A specially shaped huddle table
  • Chairs

What Can You do in a Huddle Room?

  • Project management meetings
  • Weekly team updates
  • Webinars
  • Sales presentations
  • Job interviews

No reservations.

Huddle rooms fuel innovation and meetings are designed to be spontaneous. Born out of creativity and rapid project management. Like the rest of MS Teams’ functionality this flexibility drives tasks forward in real time.

No stuffy corporate atmosphere

Do you remember the days when the office admin would pop into the boardroom to spruce it up before the monthly video conference? Likewise, the company’s IT guy would check that the video link was working. It all felt very posh and formal.

Video meetings these days are a much more flexible affair. Companies using MS Teams as a powerful collaboration tool, meetings are becoming more seamless. As a result, tasks move forward in real-time and people literally “huddle” dipping in and out of smaller, pop up video meetings. Huddle rooms are designed to work just how millennials work – rapidly, informally and creatively.

Traditional Barriers to installing Huddle rooms.

Company owner researches local Audio Visual (AV) companies and reaches out for quotes. Dragged into a long, complex, expensive process to get a quote for video meeting rooms. Talk to lots of people, who ask lots of questions and visit their office a lot. Staring at their quotes in horror, realising that video room ownership is out of their reach. Disappointedly, they shelve their video room plans for the future.

How Does a Company That is Not Video Enabled Suffer?

  • Workers make 50 wasted trips a year (Source: Forrester Consulting)
  • Collaboration efforts become sluggish and thwarted
  • Different and inefficient meeting room infrastructure
  • Unable to promote video as an environmental and collaboration strategy
  • And failure to fully engage with all of MS Teams functionality

But what if there was another way? Introducing The Disruptive SimplyRooms Package

SimplyVideo has innovated a unique approach to the growing demand for MS Teams compatible video rooms and huddle rooms.

Our low cost, self-assembly video rooms offer an affordable way to rapidly roll out huddle rooms and full-sized conference rooms.

Fully Microsoft Teams native “All In One Video Rooms” are deployed in just 120 minutes. Price are affordable monthly rate, the packages are commercially disruptive.

Above all, all furniture, video devices, interoperability, licenses and 24/7 support is included.

No drilling, plastering, or meeting room preparation is required. These room packages are custom built to remove the barriers to video room ownership, by removing time, cost, and complexity.

Challenging the traditional approach to pricing and delivering video rooms, we make them readily available to smaller businesses that ordinarily couldn’t afford them.

Here are the 7 Key Reasons to Try a New Online Video Call and Conferencing Tool – SimplyVideo vs. Zoom that demonstrates the benefits of SimplyVideo’s solution.

Challenging The Traditional Model To Make Video Available To Companies Of All Sizes

Our team came up with this idea after spending years in the AV industry. Wondering why everything is so expensive and complicated. The traditional model of a conference room is that the kit, power and wiring are indicated, needing custom installation. Moreover, this puts the cost of a conference room at around £20k, which “prices out” smaller companies. Our model makes high-quality video conferencing accessible to all.

After overcoming video room supply problems for years, our team painstakingly innovated a method to bust apart the slow, costly parts of the process. Analysed every step of the model and stripped it back to become super simple and affordable to businesses of any size.

This is How they Stripped Back the Video Room Process:

Our adept team engineered every step of the process to be faster, scalable and cost less. They chose a video kit that does everything in 1 simple device and made the whole model “plug and play”. The scaled-back cost indicated options and complexity on the other hand. This is not the case.

We took inspiration from companies like IKEA. Their flat-pack model proves that anyone can build a table and hang a screen on a built-in stand. Certainly, most people can do this themselves within 2 hours, with no mess and no tools.

Build Your Own Meeting Room Price Quote

All elements of our video rooms can be ordered separately or as a package. The whole package is fully customised, so you can simply order all components by SKU. You just need to know how many people you need to fit in your video room. After that, build your own quote, around any space. No site surveys. No engineer’s assessments. Just order and go!

Enterprise Grade Simple Video Meeting Room Devices

Our team spent a long time looking at video room devices and noticed how over complex they were. They generally needed several different components to work correctly. This led to poor user adoption and increased technical issues during calls. Research proved that much simpler video devices were coming to the market. Produced by reliable video kit supplier PolyTM (previously Polycom).

The revolutionary Poly Studio X series X30TM and X50TM devices perform so many functions:

  • Fully Microsoft Teams compatible
  • 4k HDR video camera with digital zoom
  • Crystal clear Microphone with AI driven noise cancellation
  • Stereo speakers with exceptional audio clarity

These devices are ground-breaking within the AV industry, with quite a buzz behind them and a hotly anticipated release date. It is this “all in one” AV device that enables us to create our pop-up video conference rooms package. Therefore, we’re passing on the simplicity and cost savings of our model to the B2B SME market.

Video Licensing, Native Teams Compatibility and Interoperability as Standard

Our AV team deeply understand their goals. Consequently invested in the deployment of MS Teams. Directors want to be able to use Teams to call contacts who use other video platforms.

SimplyVideo meeting rooms have built-in Teams compatible video licenses, with interoperability as standard. For instance, you can connect video calls with Skype for Business, Google Hangouts, Webex Teams, Zoom, Bluejeans, and more. Even the interface between MS Teams and other video providers is seamless. No clunky APIs or interfaces. The process looks and feels exactly the same. Above all, it’s seamless and radically simple.

The Meeting Room Setup

Our team believed that our video meeting room package should fit in any space. The trend amongst huddle rooms is to have a screen at one end of the room with a specially shaped huddle table that curves around the screen. This layout enables all participants to be seen on the video call. All furniture is included in our package and is self-assembly, just like IKEA.

At one end of the table is a screen mounting stand with built-in brackets. Therefore, this stand cleverly distributes the weight of the screen onto the floor, so the screen hangs off the brackets.

No drilling or wall mounting is needed whatsoever. As a result, the beauty of this option is that no mess is made. No plastering required and no decorating. Cost, mess, and time is ripped out of the process. Simply wheel the stand-in and out of the space you want to use it. That’s right…any space.

Scalable Video Meeting Rooms

You may think that these options will only suit for small huddle rooms. SimplyVideo room setups are so scalable they will fit video meeting rooms of up to 15 people. All options are customized for you to build your own room setup, based on your requirements. These rooms are available with single screens, or dual screens, with up to 75” screens. Room options are built to guarantee an immersive video call experience that truly emulates that face to face feelings.

Check out this article How to Run Larger Video Calls with More Participants to learn more about setting up a video conferencing with a number of participants.

Tangible Business Benefits

Start Meetings On-Time Every Time. No annoying downloads, pesky pin codes or dial in numbers to setup, for instance.

Instant Collaboration. Crystal clear video calls, live chat and screen sharing during your video call

Branded Solution. Your logo and brand colours on your video portal

Record Your Calls. At the touch of a button and instantly download your audio files

Totally Secure. With end-to-end encryption, keep your meetings, screen sharing and chats completely safe and secure.

Full Support is Included

The AV team saw companies signed up to separate support contracts that cost a fortune. Our expert support is included in the cost of an MS Teams’ certified SimplyVideo meeting room. Our aim is to reduce travel costs, empower local teams to do more, and deliver value to your business. Support is included for the duration of your three-year contract. Any moves or changes to the device during the lifetime of that contract are covered.

Payment Options

A budget-friendly package is usually paid for monthly terms, to break up the payments. As a result, companies pay a single, fixed package price with no unpredictable or hidden infrastructure costs. No upfront investment is needed. That’s certainly favorable to companies of any size.

The Process

Simply order your room setup. We certainly deliver everything you need. You build it. We help you configure the software and get going.

Anticipated Demand

Huddle rooms will elevate the video and web conferencing industry to new heights. Setting new conferencing norms and benchmarks. Our company is poised to respond to the markets steeply rising demands for affordable video rooms. Talk to our expert AV team to find out more.

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