Better Video Meetings

Our platform gives you the freedom to add immersive communication tools into your video meetings. 

Video calls beyond heads and shoulders

SimplyVideo connects a new world of smartglasses and augmented reality devices with traditional video meetings. Connect in browser or with many of the leading video services you might already use, opening up a whole world of functionality without the learning curve.

Remotely connect like never before

Connect remote workers, educators, sales, and support teams within your video calling strategy. Get under the hood with assisted reality, or share knowledge like never before with augmented 3D presentations. All connected to traditional video calls in browsers, on Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and even videoconferencing systems.


Smart glasses in your video calls

Easily support on-site staff or remote workers with any task. Assisted reality device users can join video calls hands-free with voice commands that control the zoom, exposure, flashlight, and more. Get HD video calling or even ultra low bandwidth calling at 100kps.

Augmented reality video calls

Bridge the gap between physical and digital worlds by bringing 3D content into video meetings. Limitless possibilities mean you can even take a tour of a building before it’s built or enhance training and education to accelerate understanding like never before.

Connect to Microsoft Teams or Google Meet with every device

You don’t have to change the way you work to add supported video devices into your video strategy. SimplyVideo can connect smart glasses, augmented reality devices, SIP/H323 meeting room hardware, and web browsers to Microsoft Teams or Google Meet calls.

Simple web meetings with powerful features

Join calls with a single click in your browser, with no guest registration. We’ve made sure it’s a doddle to use, but still fully-featured with screen share, recording, chat, and much more.

Your calls, Your brand

Add your logo, customise the guest joining pages, and theme your rooms instantly. Add your brand’s colours to buttons to theme your video calls with ease.

Custom room links

Share the same room ID every time or change it as often as you like. Create new rooms for working groups, projects – it’s up to you!

Get full-feature access at no cost for 14 days

Connect to everything.