Four other Yorkshire-based tech companies that are absolutely smashing it.

Happy Yorkshire Day! While we’re a global company, our roots are in Yorkshire in the north of England. In terms of regional technology innovators, we consider ourselves to be in very good company. Our hometown of Leeds is a city that’s bustling with amazing startups and established heavyweights in tech, and it’s not alone as there’s so much going on throughout the county. From top to bottom, and from the coast to the Moors, we’re joined by all sorts of concepts that are changing the world as we know it.

According to UK Tech News, ‘tech companies in Yorkshire and Humber raised £159 million in investment in 2020’ – a record for the region. So, on a day celebrating all things hailing from Yorkshire, we figured that this is a prime opportunity to shine a light on our amazing neighbours.

Modo25: MarTech for the masses
Leeds’ Modo25 have developed a MarTech platform called BOSCO, with a pledge to help their users ‘plan, predict and profit with certainty’. Their predictive modelling tool is a gamechanger for businesses of all sizes, with solutions for all organisations of all shapes and sizes.

Their platform enables users to input their data, and what they spend to establish a clear ROI from marketing. If you haven’t already, we’d recommend you check these guys out. An added bonus is that they donate a percentage of their profits each year to support the 1morechild charity, which helps vulnerable children in Uganda through games, education and mentoring.

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CurveBlock: Building with blockchain
For us, CurveBlock is a hugely exciting local pick. A recent graduate of the NatWest Entrepreneur Accelerator, they are a centralised exchange that allows digital stakeholders to invest in ‘carbon zero, energy positive’ real estate.

Low deposit requirements and versatile revenue streams make CurveBlock an enticing option for those wishing to invest in property, as all profits are distributed through a profit-share between investors in their platform. They have just come out of ‘stealth mode’, but are definitely worth keeping an eye out for. Further down the line, vetted developers will be able to showcase on their platform to attract investment. With CurveBlock, the region could very well have a game-changer on its hands.

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The Floow: Accelerating change in mobility, fast.
Headquartered in Sheffield, The Floow are a company that is radically changing telematics. Their partners include insurance companies and automotive manufacturers like other telematics companies, they are incorporating social sciences into their workings to make our roads safer and vehicles cheaper. Whilst they are rooted in Sheffield, their operation now sprawls the globe with offices in Italy, China, and the USA. A little fun fact we discovered whilst researching – ‘If you experience ‘flow’ you are in a state of deep concentration and can make amazing things happen’. This provided the inspiration behind the company’s name in 2012.

Whilst telematics has been present in insurance for some time, their innovative approach to adopting social science could be their ‘amazing’ thing that makes our roads safer. Recent reports have concluded that an ageing workforce and labour shortages have had profound impacts on logistics, so we see this as a welcome addition to Yorkshire – as well as making our roads a safer place.

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The next ‘billion-dollar burger’?
A somewhat different mention to its companions on this blog, Leeds-based Meatless Farm has firmly thrown its hat in the plant-based foods ring, having made a huge splash in the foodtech sector thanks to their meat-free magic. Over the past three years, they have grown from humble beginnings as a research project into a well-established meatless alternative, supplying some of the UK’s biggest pub and restaurant chains, supermarkets, along with their stateside counterparts.

The sector is an exciting one, as US heavyweights Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods prove popular across the water – with the former even attracting support from a certain Bill Gates. However, Meatless Farm is on a mission to offer the world another feasible, delicious, planet-first alternative to eating meat – which we’ve read is a lighter alternative to the industry’s established players. As a result, they get the thumbs up from us here at SimplyVideo.

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So, there we have it. It goes without saying that this list is nowhere near exclusive, nor exhaustive as there are thousands of tech companies at all different stages in Yorkshire who are putting their hand up. We’re seeing massive breakthroughs including digital, food, design, engineering, music, and beyond.

If you’d like to see more, a good place to start is the Leeds Tech Map, which has been created by Leeds Digital Festival’s Stuart Clarke. Also, be sure to check out Paceline Digital who are shining a light on some of our nearest neighbours in Yorkshire.

Happy (belated) Yorkshire Day!

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