Be there from anywhere

Connect your workforce remotely, enhance worker safety, and save time and money.

Smarter support from anywhere

SimplyVideo’s intuitive real-time remote AR video platform makes supporting and guiding effortless, Connecting your whole team more efficiently from anywhere using the power of smartglasses and mixed reality.


"Our safe, secure, interactive video platform is supercharging success for teams of all sizes"

Remote Expert

A simple solution. Transforming results.

Unlock your team’s skill and potential with scalable, powerful tools built to integrate with your business at every stage.

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Minimise Downtime. Maximise Safety.

Enable your on-site remote workers with best in class video connectivity with Smartglasses. Drive up safety, efficiency, and support in any location.


Travel less.
Do more.

Solve issues in seconds not days by seeing the world through the eyes of your team. Close the skills gap fast by sharing knowledge seamlessly.

Your eyes and ears anywhere, enabling your best work.

SimplyVideo’s toolkit helps your team connect in any situation, enabling practical business tasks, consultations, meetings, and troubleshooting to become seamless, fast and productive.



Remote Support

Teams that use SimplyVideo for calls and support can see double digit increases in first time resolutions, and solving complex issues.

Work Smarter Not harder

Businesses that use SimplyVIdeo can realise immediate results on core pain points across a business. Bring together anyone in your company, no matter the device, in seconds

Business Innovation

Organisations that use SimplyVideo for remote work have added multiple operational efficiencies and uncovered new business opportunities by adopting Assisted and Augmented reality devices.

Integrated to your workflow.

Work smarter and faster by using the integrations from SimplyVideo’s platform and apps. Use them alongside any browser, Microsoft Teams or even Google Meet. We power up the possibilities with smartglasses, Assisted Reality, and Augmented Reality devices.

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