Case Study:

How SimplyVideo worked with the UK's leading office fit-out and refurbishment specialist Overbury, to bring virtual building tours to their workforce.

About Overbury

Industry: Construction

Use case: Virtual Building Tours – Remote Expert Solution

Company Size: Enterprise

Hardware: RealWear HMT-1

Software: SimplyVideo Platform

In the last five years alone, Overbury has worked on over 2,000 office projects, spanning 50 million square feet. They know that no two projects are ever the same – that’s why they tailor their approach for every client.

A fit-out for a new city centre office has different requirements to refurbishing a historical space in a Grade II listed building. Understanding the bespoke nature of their work is fundamental to Overbury’s business practices. This also means that there’s a broad spectrum of expertise throughout the company.

''SimplyVideo and RealWear helped us continue to deliver exceptional client communication. The ability to do a live digital walkaround has transformed the way our clients perceive our service.''

The challenge of needing experts and clients on site while social distancing.

Project management teams were finding it tough to get the correct experience to site in order to perform necessary checks and conduct sign-off procedures.

They also found it hard to show clients building progress due to social distancing and travel restrictions created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

A branded remote expert solution.

SimplyVideo and RealWear were brought in to provide Overbury with a branded remote expert solution that would enable them to capture live content using a RealWear headset and push it to a video meeting feed.

This meant Overbury could send a branded browser link to their customers and
contractors in order to give them a live building tour, without risking infection.

With no existing video infrastructure in place, they opted for SimplyVideo’s browser-based platform which allowed for fully branded, customised virtual meeting rooms.

More efficent, cost effective, and safer sign-off procedures.

The blend of SimplyVideo software and Realwear hardware has provided many benefits to Overbury.

Firstly, they were able to easily achieve their primary goal in securing a more efficient and cost effective sign-off procedure. With experts able to adequately assess situations remotely, waiting for them to physically travel to site has been rendered a thing of the past.

Naturally, a reduction in travel has also made Overbury’s processes more carbon efficient, and eliminated travel expenditure.

Of course, then there are the COVID considerations. SimplyVideo’s solution has facilitated a broader, more thorough application of remote meetings. This has meant that vulnerable employees have been able to remain productive by enabling them to work from home.

Overbury has noted an increase in customer satisfaction thanks to being able to stream-line their processes. They’ve also noted a reduction in on-site footfall.

This is all thanks to less time spent on inductions and H&S briefings – which have been rendered unnecessary thanks to the removal of the requirement to be physically onsite.

Thanks to this video infrastructure, an onsite worker can host a video conference from their Realwear headset and give remote stakeholders live tours of the site – completely hands free.

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